I Was Only Following Orders

The Allies Loom On The Horizon


Mother and ChildI Was Only Following Orders!

In February 2016 I wrote an article called “Infanticide.” In it, I drew stark comparisons to Planned Parenthood and the Nazi death camps. The article was actually a revamp of an earlier one by the same name.

While the nomination of the new Supreme Court Justice, however, another facet of the similarities between both genocides comes to light. With the concentration camps going full tilt, as the Allies drew near the Nazis, being fully aware of their crimes against humanity, began to try to cover their sins, escape, and later explain to the court at Nuremberg. They were only following orders. It was the law, not in their hands, not for them to question.

Crimes against humanity are certain acts that are deliberately committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack or individual attack directed against any civilian or an identifiable part of a civilian population. (Wikipedia)

With the solidly conservative Court looming over the horizon the Democrats, well aware of their crimes, are acting just like the SS of old. First, they try to discredit the nominee. Just as Hitler ordered divisions from his bunker that no longer existed. Then, Planned Parenthood Clinics began to close for one reason or another. Just as camps were deserted in Poland. Then the distancing from the issue. Did someone say, “Argentina?” Before it’s over you will hear doctors and staff trying to explain how Roe vs Wade was the law of the land, and they were only following orders.

Millions of babies ripped to pieces and put out in the garbage. Millions upon millions of their future offspring who were never conceived, and whose souls are known only by Heavenly Father. Millions of mothers who lost their souls. Makes the holocaust look like a gang fight!

The Democrats know the Allies are just over the horizon. They knew what they were doing when they killed the first baby. All these years of trying to define what the definition of “is” is! The definition is the abomination. The place is Babylon, and the Pale Horse is bringing the retribution so that as in my book, Dobbit Dö, they will all one day stand before the fetuses to be judged as the mothers gnash their teeth wailing, ”I killed my child!”



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