The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

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Russians The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

I’m so tired of listening to Robert Mueller’s crap I could just puke! Oh, I’m sorry, was I too vague? For over a year we’ve been watching this idiot turn over every rock in Washington looking for Russian dressing and what have we got? The Russians are crooked as a snake, they don’t like us, and we’re too stupid to know it. Thank you!

An assistant district attorney in Bell County, Texas could have done better. And for a lot less money! See folks, this is where your money goes. Cut Social Security. We gotta pay Don Quixote to charge a few more windmills. And he looks so dignified. Always that same solemn look, coming down the steps of some DC building, wind of destiny blowing through what hair he’s got left. This stupid bastard couldn’t run a PaPa Johns!

And the democrats pray in his direction five times a day. That’s the best you got? For the last five months the dems have acted like they have a case of the bull dog clap! Al Green with his endless revisions of his impeachment. My God! I now believe in evolution. Protesters of the President’s choice for a Supreme Court Justice, so stupid they forgot to replace the “XX” on their signs with the name of the actual nominee, and Maxine Walters calling for violence against cabinet members getting gas at a 7/11! Am I the only one who sees this?

These people have been running your country for eight years people! Obama was your politically correct FAILURE and it’s all over now and it sure is Monday! That political pendulum has swung to the right and hit the liberals square in the balls. Those who haven’t had the surgery yet, that is.

The people spoke in 2016. The Trump Train not only survived, it gathered up steam. This New York real estate broker is showing us what America is all about. We don’t NEED NATO! We don’t NEED Russia, North Korea, Germany or Mexico. They need US! Their phony baloney economies are based on US! That’s why everyone is trying to sneak INTO The United States. NOBODY is sneaking into Russia.

So, kick Mueller down those steps he’s so proud of standing on, give Putin a case of Jim Beam, exit NATO, the UN, and take the prime ministers of England and Germany and clonk their heads together. There! World peace inna nutshell!

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