“Three Boogie Men” of Article 5: #2 – “Sensible Majority Will Return”


The 3 “Boogie Men” of the Convention Of States

There are 3 common objections thrown at COS, with obvious disregard for fact checking the supporting evidence, thus the claims appear malicious and disruptive in nature, not authentic.

But we should answer objections frankly, to expose other readers and audiences to the truth when they are deciding. Objections are GOOD, if you can destroy the Article 5 objections, and the truth can do so.

These are the 3 primary Article 5 objections:

Let me provide reasons why each of these are easy-to-fact-check, inaccurate “fake debate” in a number of ways.  There are real concerns about the use of Article 5, but the ones above are based on factual and logical fallacy.

Today we continue this Constitutional review series with the second boogie man: The hope-based belief that a majority of sensible voters always exist.

 “Wait for the majority to awaken, sensible voters are plentiful.”

In this fantasy, the idea that a majority of voters will begin to vote for sensible solutions is invoked as a “fantastic delusion,” according to history.  Nowhere in Earth’s history has any democracy ever moderated itself.

In fact, democracy is known as

  • “Two wolves and a sheep arguing over what to eat for dinner.”
  • In 150 BC, Polybius described democracy as voters going mad: Once the people can vote for their own sustenance, the voters disregard all healthy policy in favor of feeding their stomachs, whims, and egos. They elect increasingly dishonest, ignorant leaders. The politicians pay the voters to vote for them. That sounds like right now.
  • The founders never mentioned creating a democracy –  and “Polybius” was the pen name used for the Federalist Papers.
  • Lenin loved democracy, it is “essential to communism.”
  • Democracy was always a TERRIBLE form of government, until the modern US schools began promoting the idea as healthy.  Hogwash.

Proposing “the majority will wake up” is committing all of us to living out the “sheep, in a land of wolves” scenario.   It is knowingly understating what is a certain, natural historical outcome. Democracy becomes ravenous, decadent mob rule, always.

The current “madnesses” of national debt, QE, fake news, child molesting at major universities, and states independently erasing national borders, is making it very obvious how decadent we’ve become.

Forensic Analysis of the Cadaver of The Republic

The founders NEVER discussed us being a Democracy, only a Republic – with appointed, not elected, Senators.  And Amendment 17 ended America as a Republic, as defined by the founders in Federalist 63:  Appointing senators is MANDATORY PRACTICE in a Republic, but then the Wilson progressives, many of them fresh communists from Europe, passed Amendment 17.

R.I.P. Republic of America.

How Do You Stop The Runaway Federal Government?

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And, please,  don’t spread lies about us being allies of Hillary, or the Hawaiian Hitler, or Soros.  Both Hillary and Soros have impugned our efforts in public media, a solid endorsement we are on the right track to restraining the runaway Constitution of the federal government.

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