Obsessed With Russia? How about China?

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Trump and PutinChina Has Been Serving Fried Rice Communism For Years!

How is the liberal media and special council so obsessed with Russian meddling when China has been in the subversion business for years and makes no secret about it? From Korea to Vietnam, China has had its fingers in every possible pie as it sought to spread communism across the far east.

We EXPECT China to be an underhanded rouge nation. That’s what it does. So how did Russia take center stage. Slap restrictions on Russia and the price of vodka didn’t even go up. Hit China and the stock market pees on itself. People! We don’t need cheap shoes that bad!

What makes China click is the fact that the Chinese will make even a bad idea work. Communism failed everywhere it’s ever been. Russia, the herald of Marxism, catapulted the socialist model in 1917. By the end of the century even they cried, “ENOUGH!” and started eating Big Macs. But CHINA! They got MORE communist. Oh, they have their little free market dog and pony show, but they also still have mass executions for whatever reason floats across their little yellow minds.

So why does such a failed theory work in China? It works because they HAVE no economy. All the Chinese need is a bowl of rice and a pistol and they have a working system. They really don’t have any resources. What? RICE? We HAVE Jonesboro, Arkansas OK? No! China steals. They stole half of Korea, ALL of Vietnam, and tried to rob Bill Gates. Only problem with that little plan was Bill was crookeder than they were. “What you mean ‘Renew honorable subscription.”

But Mueller’s all over Russia. Don’t you wanna know why? Because Russians are stupid, like us. We both are like dogs in a dog pound. All different breeds. Chinese are like wolves. The look alike, think alike, and subvert everything that doesn’t look like them! Yet not one mention of anything Chinese coming out of Mueller’a mouth, even while he’s in a Chinese restaurant! Don’t you find that a bit odd?

But the Chinese don’t have to trick us. We GIVE them everything. Hell! We gave them Long Beach! Guess it’ll be renamed Ling Beach now. Trump won the election because middle America was tired of deals like that. The nation couldn’t take right more years. The Trump phenomenon was going to happen. It didn’t matter if it was Donald or his butler running against Hillary. It was time! And no amount of so-called ”collusion” was going to change it. China is the problem. Not Russia. Write that down. There will be a quiz in 2020.

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