And For Our Viewing Pleasure

It’ll only hurt for a little while

Dog and pony

Dog and pony

And For Your Viewing Pleasure PUTIN!

You just can’t leave this Trump Putin story alone. So, for your viewing pleasure! Of everything that you can say about Donald Trump the one thing you can say is he is not a simple man. Yesterday, when he shook Putin’s hand and dissed NATO, America, and mom’s apple pie, the entire world took a collective poo poo. Ever analyze Putin’s name? Putin. . . Put In,  which is exactly what the little Bolshevik tried to do to Trump yesterday.

Let’s look at the layers of this onion while I wash the sheets. First off, Russia and the United States are not allies. Only in World War II did they reluctantly accept our help. You see, there was this guy, Hitler, and he showed the gross incompetence of the entire Russian system by cleaning their plow. So, we came in from the West, they came in from the east, and as they say, the rest is history.

But Russians are Russians. The very reasons that Hitler was on them are that they are a bunch of lying, conniving, drunken slobs who hadn’t developed toilette paper. After the war, they stole almost as much land as Hitler and proceeded to ruin the economy of half of Europe. It was only after the so-called Union of Soviet Socialist Republics discombobulated that the world finally got free of Karl Marx’s little best seller.

But we still got RUSSIANS! The only difference between Putin and Stalin is Putin has toilette paper. Would he lie? Would the Pope bless a gay marriage? You betcha! He’ll lie like a Persian rug. Now I’m gonna give him credit. When he took over this Slavic cluster-screw the Russians were rationing vodka. He had to pick up the pieces and at least try to look like a country. He bought a suit.

Would Putin try to sway American elections? Yup! Can he? Nope. American elections are so screwed up even Hillary couldn’t rig them. It’s a miracle we came out with a winner at all. The much-maligned Electoral College actually saved the day. If we’d gone to popular vote we’d STILL be counting. If you don’t believe our election system is hosed just look at what we have in Congress. The Tonight Show starring CONGRESS!

In all this mess Mueller is nothing more than the piano player in a whorehouse. Indict the whole country of Russia fool! Ain’t gonna do no good. They are gonna be a no-show in court. Better send in Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Donald Trump did not collude with the Russians. The RUSSIANS can’t collude with the Russians. But, ever notice when the chips are down they always throw in a chick? Like Boris and Natasha from the old Rocky the Flying Squirrel days. And, as an added benefit, we get get to watch Al Green, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters make complete asses of themselves for our viewing pleasure.

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