Putin’s In Da House!

Give that commie a Big Boy

Big Boy

Big BoyPutin’s In Da House! Trump is the HomeBoy. America is the wife. Putin is the girlfriend. Now get this. You meet the girlfriend in Helsinki. Come out and tell the world the wife is a slut, and you’ve always loved the girlfriend Then, top it off by bringing the girlfriend to YOUR house for the weekend. Last night I studied Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. He had a unique way of using visualizations to explain complex issues. Prime example was the man standing at a train station as a lady zips by on a train. He proved that the lady’s time perception was different from the man’s. Well, we’re the lady on the train folks.

Trump is a task master real estate broker. I was in real estate for a while. Funeral Directors have special procedures for Real Estate Brokers. When they die you can’t just bury them in the traditional fashion. They’re so crooked you have to drive a stick through their ears and screw them in the ground.

Now, I’m a “Trumpet!” I voted for him, laugh out loud when they pitch Mexicans over the border, and love the First Lady. But I never said Donald Trump was a consummate politician or Jesus Christ. Real Estate Brokers don’t get that rich unless they steal. Write that down, there’ll be a quiz later. Sell someone’s house, steal the money. It’s called a “closing statement!” Lawyers ain’t much better.

For the record Obama, Hillary, and most, if not all the senate and the house are just as crooked. Else, they’d get jobs. We NEEDED someone crookeder than them to make America great again. Nobody likes to take Castor Oil, so get a roll of toilet paper and listen up.

Trump is indeed making us eat a big ol’ Putin sandwich. Don’t you wanna know why? Because Obama and Hillary have been operating that Subway for years. Bubba Bill was just the replacement for Jared Fogle. Trump is just smearing it in our faces. Putin runs a broke-ass third world country. That’s a fact. So does Queen Elizabeth, and Angela Merkel. Don’t let all the pomp and circumstance fool you. Trump is right! They’ve been sucking America’s breast for years. At least Hitler bought his own bullets. CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas has a saying: The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun! Trump is an improvement on that theory. The best way to stop a crooked politician is a crookeder politician. Better yet. Not a politician at all. A Real Estate Broker who grabs ‘em by the . . . well, you know.

America’s train has been off the rails so long that it’s gonna take a full minute to get it to arrive on time again. Trump has so discombobulated American politics that none of the polls can predict what happens next. New entries into the race are discovering that distancing themselves from incumbents is a big plus. Got a freaking communist elected in New York. Pedophiles are running for the school board. Well, actually they’ve always been there. That’s Trump’s legacy. While Obama is giving speeches to Zulus in his home town, Hillary hurries to move bodies, and the Justice Department tries to outdo local sheriffs in law enforcement, America is waking up. Meanwhile, Putin’s in da house. Give that Commie a Big Boy!


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  1. Nice to see you used my Old Meme, WILBUR! LOL
    Of course that was all after he blocked me on Facebook because I posted an article that contradicted one of his rants. I don't wish Death on anyone, but no love lost.
    Prior to that. From the beginning I was all behind him when MFA marched on Washington. I've stayed away from Social Media for months now. "The Women" Drama and all of it. And feel the better for it.
    As for the News of Scott? I feel pretty much as I did when my Dad died. NUMB.
    Not Sad because they are gone. But Sad because of the relationship that might have been.
    Your a better man than me to find something good about all this.
    Enough Said…