Kids and the People Who Love Them

A very crusty view of the past

Judge Roy Bean

Judge Roy BeanKids and the People Who Love Them

By Brother Theo

Back in the good old 1980’s, after Harvey Milk, a board supervisor in San Francisco was murdered by Dan White, another supervisor on the same board, homosexuals in America began an activist movement to push back against a vocal minority of people in America who felt that them there queers were fair game for any kind of violence, bullying or marginalization that simply occurred to anyone to subject them to.

Before this, queers stayed hidden, because, well by God, if you were discovered, you were going to be hunted down and what happened when they found you wasn’t gonna be good. Now, I grew up in the 60’S and 70’S, and although I was as hot blooded as any teenage boy for girls, I knew for a fact that if someone called you a queer or God forbid, a ”nigger lover”, you had better fight like that third monkey on the ramp on Noah’s Ark, or everybody that wanted to kick a boy instead of a dog was going to put the boots to you.

In those days there was no such thing as a hate crime, heck, we were just making sure that women, queers and niggers knew their place, spoke when spoken to, and took the occasional smack in the face in the spirit it was intended. Please note that women became free to vote AFTER the slaves. Always good to know where you are on the food chain.

Well, a bunch of liberal idiots that believed that all laws should apply equally to all Americans joined up and started a bunch of crap that has us putting up with these psychotic folks, and it makes me sick! Look at us now! White women with black men! Men marrying men and women marrying women! What’s next? Monkeys marrying gerbils?

I know, it’s none of my business right? Wrong! I may not have a degree in engineering, but I do have one in psychology, and I know that my fundamental right as American is to be free to make myself better than other people and blame them for crap I don’t like!

Now a word about pedophiles. Pedophiles are like queers used to be. They hide in the closet. The one in the basement. Why? ‘Cause we’ll shoot ‘em that’s why, and that ain’t no digression.

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