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Cappy and TheoMental Illness And Behavior A Lesson In Perception

By Brother Theo

Last week the Butcher Shop made a decision to match an unrepentant liberal with a similarly committed conservative in a series of articles which pitted both writer’s ideas and supporting logic against the other’s in a public forum. Chappie Gypsy made the opening remarks in an article warning us that organized efforts were being made to legitimize yet another group of sexually aberrant deviates and create a legal right for those who wished to have sex with children to do so. To be specific, Chappie referred to an effort being made by a naming committee whose job it is to review and sometimes update the names given to specific mental disorders in order to create a broader range of diagnosis within that category. A good example of this is the renaming of autism to “range of autism”, allowing for a more diverse range of treatments so that we are not treating the rain man the same way we do catatonic autistics.

As a therapist I have had to treat a broad range of pedophiles, and I can tell you that giving everyone convicted of pedophilia the same treatment is not only unproductive, it’s barbaric. If you don’t believe me, ask Tiger Woods about the “penile shock therapy” he received in treatment for sex addiction. Silly me, I want to live in a civilized nation. I probably would have written such an article and left it there, but my conservative opponent also conflated pedophilia with homosexuality. I’m not even lying to you man, it’s even in the title of the article “ Minor Attracted Homosexual. ” It kind of sounds like a Craigslist notice. The article made it clear that homosexuals are confused people and that biological identity is the only acceptable determinant of sexual behavior. My bad. I thought that consenting adults were free to engage in whatever sexual behavior they wanted to engage in. Not done yet, my opponent then scolded America for allowing people who “pushed back” with homophobic action which ranged from bullying to violence to be charged with hate crimes.

Gosh darn confused people got to fall in line folks, otherwise they might get killed like that muddled up boy in Cody Wyoming. After all, those old boys were just trying to snap him out of it so he could join in with the rest of us normal fellas. Reading on, we are instructed that failing to allow the eradication of homosexuality by any means necessary has led us to a hopeless morass of social corruption where anybody can engage in an endless daisy chain of corrupt sex. Man, everybody’s having fun but me!

But maybe he’s right! If you want to see what happens when a stick shift meets an automatic, just click on this link : (strong parental advisory). Turns out, the foofaraw stems from a Tedx show excerpt which Fox News Network described as scholars (can’t trust those scudders) calling for acceptance of pedophilia as a perfectly acceptable sexual orientation; which is, well, a big fat lie. But hey, don’t listen to me, I’m a scholar.

Get the podcast or watch it on YouTube, and you make the call. Not holding my breath by the way. I made a rebuttal which was, I admit, pretty snarky, and quite possibly even offensive. I’ve never met Chappie, but I respect him as a writer, and as a member of the butcher shop, so I regret any unintentional aspersions. Still my job was to a answer a strongly committed conservatives remarks, and that was the style I chose. Possibly Chappie took offense at my style, as his rebuttal of mine was as follows:

First Chappie professed unbelief that a psychologist might fire a shot over his bow. To quote, he wrote “a psychologist!” It was like he wrote an article about insect control and was standing in snake amazement when an entomologist showed up. The article was about mental illness and sexual deviants. I might well be qualified to write on that subject. Almost as qualified as an engineer! Next, he can barely believe that I discuss the intersection of homosexuality and pedophilia. He even considers the possibility that I have lost my mind. Really? I mean setting aside the name of the article, wasn’t it Chappie who joined the two together? You gotta know how to read before you can write; is it possible that this man has dyslexia? Hey, if it’s epic rap battles, I think we should make it epic. Plus, it’s shark week. Now, to get to the place where Chappie and I share common ground. In his broadside article

Chappie examines his own conflicted thoughts around the ways in which our criminal justice system deals with crime in the least discriminatory ways possible. Guys who turn eighteen in high school who are having sex with seventeen year old girls are routinely charged as sex offenders and sent to prison where, like as not, they will be victimized by “minor attracted homosexuals”. Happens all the time. I’m not in the least conflicted about that. One of my good friends has a son who did two years for making his seventeen year old girlfriend pregnant. These kids were in the same grade! They were less than a month apart in age! They got married before his trial! And the Courts wedding gift to them was that she had their child while he was in jail forcing her to drop out of school to support their baby, and he missed one of the most important events in any man’s life: the birth of his first born. We also agree that people who victimize young children should die publicly and horribly. Jesus himself said “let him who would harm a child tie a stone around his neck that he should drown in a river rather than face my wrath”. I am not undermining our society, I’m trying to save it, and if you believe accepting homosexuals as citizens who should enjoy the same rights as all Americans is making America weak, that’s your right; but it’s also my right to believe that it makes America stronger. Because every American has the same constitutional rights, and denying those rights to some folks and not others weakens our constitution, and thus it weakens us. If psychiatry wants to broaden the category of pedophilia to minor attracted so that they can treat older men attracted to sixteen year old girls and make sure that child rapists never see the light of day, well I guess I’m ok with that. But make no mistake people NAMBLA ain’t never coming back. So says Brother Theo.

Editor’s note: I inserted “Minor Attracted” to tie the article to Tedx and increase the SEO of the piece. The Butcher

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