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The Psychologist vs the Chaplin

Cappy and Theo

Cappy and TheoThe Psychologist Vs. The Chaplin

There’s a Psychologist who implied that I couldn’t read, nor comprehend, much less write.

He implied “you have to know how to read before you can write.” Well I learned my ABC’s a long time ago. I learned the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How’s before I was in the third grade. I read the Bible in its entirety twice by the time I was eight years old. I’m beginning to wonder if this man knows who he picked a fight with.

Brother Theo, the Psychologist in reference may not, but he decided to pick a battle with someone who has an IQ of 165. He claims to be a scholar, I say to him, if it’s a battle you want, bring it. In his last article, He made reference to me standing in a pile of snakes calling insect control and being amazed when an entomologist showed up. Maybe he didn’t understand, I don’t need an insect scientist while I’m in the middle of a pit of vipers. Maybe he doesn’t understand, I don’t need a Herpetologist either, maybe he doesn’t understand, I’ m the meanest Serpentes in the Pit. But I digress.

You see, he wrote all of that because of my last two articles on Pedophilia. He wrote it because he thinks I’m wrong and wants to justify certain behavioral patterns in the human psychic.

So now I have to ask the question.
Why are most Psychologist and Psychiatrist Liberal affiliates? Why is it they claim to study human behavior, and yet they really don’t understand the very behavior, they claim to study? Human nature is evil, apparent by the history of mankind, yet they don’t get it. They try and analyze and make excuses for such evil.

Now this Psychologist, is making excuses for people who are attracted to minor children. We call them pedophiles, he calls them MAPS, Minor Attracted Persons.

Brother Theo (the Psychologist) makes excuses and claims there are varying degrees of pedophilia, and that may be true, however, there is no excuse for anyone who messes with any child who is not yet mentally and physically able to make a decision about their sexual behavior, on their own, while understanding the consequences of such behavior.

Brother Theo even goes on to state that we must treat every case differently. Here’s the thing, once that person touches that child inappropriately, once he forces himself on that child, there is but one recourse, send that person to meet the maker. That’s the Biblical thing to do. That’s what every normal human being would do if they caught that pedophile messing with their kid. I’m not going to send them to the psychologist, I’m going to send them to meet the Maker himself.

He went on to say I blamed the Homosexual community, a movement started back in the 80’s by a very minute sector of the population. Well he’s right, I do blame the homosexuals, that’s exactly where all of this started. People confused about their male and female roles and how they were to interact with each other. God said, For this reason, a man would leave his family, to be with his wife. Men and women were made to help each other and to procreate. Sodomy was an abomination to God.

Never mind that it’s considered wrong in the eyes of God, It serves no purpose in life what so ever. It’s just a feel good, I’m going do what I want and be damned of the consequences type of attitude. But I digress, what two people do in their bedroom is their business.

But…and here’s the but,

Since this movement, we have become tolerant of their behavior and such tolerance has led to people who are now confused of their gender and demand that we must also tolerate them, people who are confused of their species and we must tolerate them and now people who are confused of their attraction to minor children and now demand the same tolerance. Never mind that California already tried to legalize bestiality. All the confusion generated in this generation, can be traced back to the homosexual movement of the 80’s. All of these people want special rights, they want laws protecting those rights and they push their behavior on the rest of society. They don’t want to be treated equally, they want special laws to protect them from being treated equally. We have to adapt to their behavior and needs. But it doesn’t stop there.

People who are confused about their genders now claim we must not call their babies boys or girls, we must refer to them as other until they are mature enough to decide their own identity. People who can’t look down and see a penis or a virginal canal and determine whether it’s a boy or a girl. They claim that we should allow these people to live side by side in the same dorms as our children. A man who thinks he’s a woman should be allowed in the same dorm room as your daughter. To sleep in the same room as your daughter. To use the same restroom as your daughter. Special Rights.

I think it’s time for Brother Theo to step back and look at what’s happened to our society in the last 40 years. I think he should look at what this tolerance has led to. Even todays parents can’t and won’t discipline their children because a Psychologist back in the 60’s decided to tell us how we should raise our kids. A psychologist who never had kids, telling us how to raise our kids. Now look at us. We are nothing more than a nation full of confused adults and children. We left God on the sideline and now our kids, who can’t tell what gender they are, having babies who they call it or other, can’t name the baby until it tells them what gender it wants to be, who might have an adult attracted to it, but they really can’t tell because they’re confused about what dorm they wish to live in and what restroom to use.

Now I may not be Psychologist, but even I can see we have a problem.

So many Psychologist aren’t Christian, since these have zero concept of a creator God, they can’t understand that humans are flawed and bent towards all sorts of perverse behavior. They rationalize all these behaviors minus the spiritual moral compass that scripture teaches. Then they bash those of us who do have a moral compass. Maybe they need to experience living in a society without laws that allow them their beliefs? But as I have said many times, What do I know, I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas.

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