Plastic Guns

Virtual reality just upped the game


Plastic GunsPlastic guns! A federal judge blocked the software blueprint that would enable the manufacture of 3D guns on a computer printer Tuesday. I’m going to surprise you. I think that’s as stupid an idea as a screen door in a submarine.

Now, I’ve weathered the debate on the second amendment for years. What’s an assault weapon, who’a too crazy to own one, I’ve seen it all. Just last night I was watching a video, which I passed to CJ Grisham’S Open Carry Texas, that dissected the NRA’a real agenda, and it’s not American gun owners, folks. It’s keeping Smith and Wesson in business!

There is already enough plastic in conventional guns. Just look at the much assaulted ”assault” rifles. I’m old school. Wood stock, bolt, 30.30 or 30.06. Modern rifles are made to be light weight, but they all have metal BARRELS! That’s the mark of excellence for fine weapons. The bore!

I cannot see this “Zip” gun in competition on the range. And the security risk. Look, we already know the TSA is a bunch of freaks, ok? But, while they were feeling me up I was fairly confident that the metal detectors were working, and if someone tried to bring a freaking PISTOL through at least the machine would go “BEEP BEEP BEEP!”

Now there’s a whole new wrinkle in the blanket. And get this! Just because that judge said, “No,” do you honestly think the software isn’t out there already? Yeah, yeah, yeah, and old men can’t find pictures of naked little girls on the internet, too! If you believe that have I got a bridge for you, and it’s made out of PLASTIC!

All a terrorist has to have is one small plastic gun and one bullet, and its ”Bye bye airplane, ” and whatever building Ali Babba chooses to ram it into. This isn’t about the right to keep and bear arms, this is about the right to keep and bear your BUTT!

This fool has thrown a monkey wrench into any reasonable debate about gun rights, gun control, or public safety. A gun specifically designed to avoid detection is a danger to society. He needs to find other ways to express his expertise. You wanna impress me, Bubba, print me up a GIRL!

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