The Son Of David

Sharon explains tradition

Michelle from the book Sharon

Michelle from the book Sharon

The Son Of David

In this excerpt from the book “Sharon,” she explains the relationship between the Bible and Christian tradition. The spiritual connection for two thousand years of believers all the way from Catholic to Latter Day Saints.


His eyes went to Michelle. She was no longer a teenage girl, but a fellow believer. He looked back to Sharon. They were all in the same “circle” now. Still, he was still “his own man.”

“Sharon, I still must justify what I believe by the Bible. It is my standard. I can’t find justification for a lot of what you say in my Bible.”

She took a deep breath and looked at him, “Do I contradict it?”

“Well, no, but you add. Sharon, as a Catholic you place tradition on a scale equal with Scripture. I really have a hard time with that.”

She rolled her Rosary up and put it back into her pocket,. “Have you got your Bible?”

“It’s in my car.”

“Go and get it. Bring it back to me. There are some questions I’d like to ask you.”

He ran around to the back of the building and got his King James out of the front seat of the car. He hurried back to her. He started to hand it to her, but she told him, “No, I want you to look in there and tell me whose child Jesus was.”

He looked at her for a moment, “I don’t have to. He was the Son of God. Mary was his mother.”

“Good, but isn’t one of his titles ‘Son of David?’”

“Yes, Jesus, Son of David. Yes, he was to be descended from the house of David.”

“OK, you get an ‘A.’ Now Joseph was not Jesus’ biological father, right?”

“That’s right, Sharon. God was his father. Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and conceived him.”

“Hey, I’m proud of you. That’s good, very good. So we do understand that Joseph had nothing to do with the conception of Jesus?”

“That is correct.”

“OK, then, go to you genealogies and trace them down, and tell me what you find.”

“No problem,” John thought, and raced first to the book of Matthew. He read the genealogy of Jesus down to where it said, “. . . And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.”

He read it to her. “Good. Now where does it say that Jesus is the ‘Son of David?’”

“Why, right here in verse six, Sharon. . . ‘And Jesse begat David the king. . .’ It says it right there.” He showed her the words.

“But that’s Joseph’s genealogy, John. It’s not Mary’s.”

He turned quickly to the third chapter of Luke and his eyes went the twenty third verse, but before he could read it she said, “It’s the same in Luke also, John.”

He held up one finger begging for a moment to read. Like Matthew it traced from Joseph, even to the point of using the word “supposed” when referring to Joseph as Jesus’ father. He looked up. “But Sharon, we know Mary is in David’s line also.”

“How do we know that John, if it’s not in your Bible?”

He went back looking, but she interrupted him, “It’s not there, John. We know it from the tradition of the Church. Mary was in the same village, therefore she was of the same tribe, the tribe of David” She reached out and took the Bible. Bringing it to her lips she kissed it and gave it back to him, “Go ahead, put it up.”

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