The Jackaloping Of America


Republicrats Repubicrats. Put that in your phone dictionary. What are Republicrats? Well, I’m a-gonna tell ya. Why do we have political parties? I mean, they don’t agree on anything, won’t follow anything near their party platform, and they hide more money than Paul Manafort. The two we have today were formed during some pre-civil war debate, and don’t resemble the original idea. They are like if cars never moved past the Model T.

Look at Paul Ryan. What is that? He’s a member of the Republicrats Party. He’s the supposed king of the Republican side of the isle. Speaker of the House. Better ventriloquist than Edgar Bergen! Watch him speak. You can actually see him talking out of both sides of his mouth. And I thought I was a liar. And he’s among his fellow Republicrats, let me tell you. Nancy Pelosi? If Trump were to suddenly become a Democrat, she’d switch parties quicker than Michael Moore could eat a ham sandwich!

In spite of the supposed “two party” system that we’ve deified over the last century and a half, the American people have moved on. Oh, they still vote primarily along the standard party lines, but that’s only because it’s the only show in town. They still go to movies, too, in spite of the fact that Hollywood hasn’t turned out a film with any merit since “The Passion Of The Christ!” Sometimes you just gotta order off the menu.

And what has this gotten us? Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Congress. The biggest bunch of jackalopes since Caligula made his horse Pro-Council. When you look at it on the surface maybe Caligula had a point there. Should have been a Jack Ass! I know, I know, the Democrats mascot IS a Jack Ass, but I digress.

America is not just two parties. I’ll guarantee you Pablo Lopez in Laredo, Texas does not politically agree with Ernesto DeAngelo in the Bronx on anything except one matter. That the representatives in DC do NOT represent either of THEM! Hey, join the club, boys. They sure as HELL don’t represent old white guys like me, either

So who DO they represent? They represent themselves folks! They’re in it for the money. Wow! That hurts, doesn’t it? I’ll bet you believed in America, didn’t you? Better put your big boy pants on because it’s gonna be a rough ride for you, but I’ve got a saddle, and it’s on sale! Making America great, we’ve declared war on practically the entire population of the planet. In our greed for the goodies the plutocrats dangle before our eyes like a carrot on a stick, we’ve declared war on the very atmosphere and denied the fact that the earth is warming up like an oven on Thanksgiving morning. From iPhones to iSex we’ve bought it all. Bread and Circuses. We ate it up. Soon there really WILL be ocean front property in Arizona, and Congress STILL won’t be able to figure out how to write a good check to at least fund the very Illuminati cluster screw that they supposedly work for!

Who really represents the people? Well, the people represent the people. We The People! Not We The Republicans. Not We The Democrats. We The PEOPLE! The people are diverse. The people are varied. The people are black and white, male and female, liberal and conservative, drunk and sober, but they are, and always have been, We The People. A great mixing pot of different opinions bent on one purpose. The real reason people are willing to leave their native land and walk through the desert! The reason those English immigrants in Philadelphia met so very long ago and gave the finger to King George. One common goal. To Make and Keep America Great.

This ideal is embodied in an invisible organization that votes for like minded candidates when the poll curtain is closed. This ideal has always been there. It’s never wavered. It’s never changed, and it’s feared by Republicrats. It’s called the Tea Party, folks, and there are more than enough cups for all to drink! One lump or two? MAGA!

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