The Book Burning Of Alex Jones

The Fall of the House of Usher


Alex Jones BurningBelieve it or not, Alex Jones took a hit for freedom of speech! Freedom of speech is the foundation of our democracy. It is in the first amendment. It expounds the idea that in a free discourse of ideas truth will prevail. Even the foolish should be allowed to speak because if they are indeed fools, as Lincoln once said, they will open their mouths and remove all doubt, but if not, then we are the fools, and they were that candle that burned in the darkness.

When books were burned in Nazi Germany the printed words were destroyed, but even after all these years later the words are still being sought out and the flames that consumed the physical pages could not dim the light of the ideas burning within those books. The very fires that were meant to destroy the words actually illuminated them in the hearts and minds of generations to come after. Hitler could burn all the Torahs he could find, but he couldn’t find them all. Some were always left. It could have been from the memory of a Rabbi, or even a student. He couldn’t burn them all, as hard as he tried. And the main stream media will not be able to burn out all of Alex Jones’ words either. There are simply too many of them. Too many shares, downloads, and commentaries, even from those who disagreed with Alex on an internet that is impossible to control. The lion will swat the chair and then will eat the trainer. The New World Order has created a Frankenstein that they cannot control. The very fact that the powers that be worked so hard to destroy those words will draw the interest of those who would have never given Alex a second thought, but who will now wonder, ”What did this man have to say that was so dangerous that it can’t be heard?”

Alex Jones

YouTube led the torches trying to burn out the words of Alex Jones. Others followed. Google, Spotify, and even Apple, crushing the legacy of Steve Jobs, and a host of lesser corporate entities who all gathered around and threw Alex’s “books” into the flames. Why did they do this? Because Alex Jones said things they did not want anyone to hear, that’s why. Because Alex Jones was using his Freedom of Speech to express his opinions, and the Mega Main Stream Media did not want that disseminated. Because they, not the president, wanted him silenced.

You have got to understand that news is no longer news, and hasn’t been for quite some time. It’s entertainment. The ”news” is all fake news and is under no constraint to be anything else. All agenda driven op-ed pieces designed to forward the views of whatever powerhouse information machine in charge that is bent on swaying public opinion for profit, political power, and yes to influence elections. And they get mad at Russia for doing the same thing. Just playing the game by the rules you set. And Pilate asked, ”What is truth?” The truth comes from whomever has the stronger bandwidth.

Book burning

I do not personally agree with a lot of what Alex Jones says. I believe that Sandy Hook was a horrid attack on school children, and some crazy Arab really did luck out and bring down the Twin Towers, but my disagreement does not give me the right to squelch his words! I sent articles to him. Sometimes he messaged me a word of thanks. Sometimes not, but he always allowed it to remain on his InfoWars site. He never censored me!

Alex is a ”Shock Jock.” He’s loud and grandiose. So were the Beatles. He’s also one hell of a showman. He puts forth his message with pile driving force designed to gain, and keep the attention of his audience. I listen to him even when don’t agree with him. Since when is that un-American? Clint Eastwood never shot anybody either. Why are the powerful multi-media giants so afraid of the man from Austin?

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I’ll tell you why. First off he IS from Austin. Everyone knows you can’t be from Texas and be literate. I wrestle with that all the time. That’s why I bill myself as A Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin. They don’t come at you so hard if they think you’re stupid. We Texans have a reputation to maintain. Why, it’s common knowledge that we all carry six-shooters, drag black people behind pickup trucks, and have affairs with our sisters. Alex Jones simply cannot be a literate, educated man. That, and he didn’t suck up to CNN, MSNBC, or any of the other so-called ”national” syndicates. He beamed out of Austin. My God. Do those people even have internet down there?

Next, he called them out on practically everything they tried to sell to the American people. If they said the sky was blue he’d send up a weather balloon to prove it was fifty shades if gray, which in Austin it IS! Then turn right around and claim Elvis, JFK and John Lennon were alive and well, living on an island, and starting a folk rock band! Hey! You believed it when Obama said you could keep your doctor, didn’t you? It didn’t matter how far-fetched his conspiracy theories were. They served notice to the mainstream media that not one jot, not one tittle would be overlooked and he wouldn’t leave one stone unturned as he explored the whys and wherefores of their propaganda machine.

Finally, just too many damn people were listening. With religious fanaticism his minions hung on every word, internalized them, and saved them on their media. You can’t burn them all. The main stream media HAD to take Alex Jones down. He was too much competition, and God knows we can’t have that in America! They HAD to silence his InfoWars because for all of his missteps he was winning the war for our minds, and if he did win then the whole house of cards would come tumbling down and that, my friends would have been the fall of the house of Usher!Butcher Shop


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