The Gates Of The Alamo

The Hyenas at the Door


Trashing the Constitution I recently joined a Facebook Group in support of Alex Jones. I, like many others worldwide, am appalled at the three prong attack that has left him fighting for his professional life, symbolically putting him at “The Gates of the Alamo.” I would like to share my letter to him, and his people with you.

Dear Patriots,

I would like to say in advance thank you all for allowing me to join your group. My initial post yesterday was a link to my latest article. I noticed this morning that it wasn’t posted. Over my first cup of coffee I considered this. The answer was obvious. With this hyper attack Alex must be vigilant. Links can be insidious. He can’t opt for convenience. The hyenas of Silicon Valley are all around Alex, and he must always watch his back. I totally understand. Therefore I will post pure prose. I’m not here to push my publishing. I’m here to stand with Alex.

The blacklisting of a journalist because of his opinions is an abomination. With the opinions floating all over social media, the censoring of InfoWars is a conspiracy, and that’s no theory, it’s fact! As I said in my article, I don’t agree with everything Alex says, but I will stand with his right to say it. This IS a First Amendment issue. It’s not exempt, it’s not “kinda” First Amendment, and the Free Speech Zone is AMERICA! I dissected this in yesterday’s article ”The Messenger.”

I took on the Utah Child Protective Services recently when I discovered a child sex trafficking operation extending from Brigham City all the way down to Saint George. The CPS poked fun at me and my team from our hair all the way up to our being from Texas. They said that we were “Crazy like Alex Jones!” I bombarded them with articles, and they dropped cases. They stopped laughing after the little girls skulls were found in Arizona! My weapons were not slick internet codes. My weapons were facts, razor sharp prose, and yes, I AM crazy like Alex Jones. We Texans have proven, if nothing else, that we will fight back, and we have never been impressed by the size of the enemy! We learned that at the Alamo.

So I understand exactly how Alex feels. This is a war for our minds, but not just our minds. It’s a war for our freedom, our substance, our families and our very lives. The liberals have given America away. We Texans are just trying to get it back. The enemy, be they called New World Order, or Illuminati, or just ”Yankees” consider us as sheep for the slaughter. We’re stupid, crazy, old school. No, we simply believe the ideas put forth in 1776 still hold today and no conglomerate of international billionaires can erase our Constitution or our way of life. The cornerstone of that way of life is freedom of speech. Men like Mark Zuckerberg hate freedom of speech. They barrage their monopolized media daily, they teach our children lies and perverted lifestyles in school, and they steal our money. And they go into full attack mode because one man fires back with a journalistic shotgun.

Among all the people I’ve spoke to in the last forty-eight hours I’ve heard opinions about Alex. Some fervently stand by him, some take him with a grain of salt, and some discount him altogether, but nobody, not one, felt threatened by Alex Jones! Even those who disagreed with his theories gave a tip of the hat to his presentation. And you must ask yourself; if Alex is wrong about some things, what about the things he’s right about? His subjects have such importance, such gravity can we casually ignore them while the very beasts Alex warned us about are snarling at the door?

We are all standing at the gates of the Alamo. But after the Alamo there was San Jacinto. For every Santa Anna there is a Sam Houston, and for every Mark Zuckerberg there will be an Alex Jones. God Bless you Alex Jones! I stand beside you, and your detractors can come and take it!

Bill the Butcher

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