From Football to Facebook

    The National Nervous Breakdown

    Jones Zuckerberg

    Jones Zuckerberg It seems that the more President Trump tries to push his “America First” agenda the more Un-American the Left becomes. From football to Facebook the political landscape is rolling and shifting like California during a 5.0 good morning earthquake.

    I’d thought that perhaps we were past all the football players getting on their knees like a bunch of hookers in a truck stop restroom, but I guess I was wrong. Just two nights ago down they went again. Let me ask you. Now, I’m from Texas, but seriously, is the NFL any more entertaining than a high school football game. And how about college ball? My son took me to watch the Texas Longhorns Square off against the California Trannies and that was a great game! A hell of a lot cheaper too! And the Longhorns brought their cannon. I guess it’s nice that football fields have artificial turf these days so all these “protestors” don’t get their knees all dirty.

    Do you remember when John F. Kennedy said, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade, and do the other things . . .?” Sure you do. You see it pop up in documentaries all the time. The crowd went nuts! Our president was setting a goal, that while a bit lofty, showed American resolve to overcome any obstacles and achieve anything. So what’s so wrong with President Trump wanting to install a presence in space to protect our national security? Frankly, I thought we were already doing that. I’ll bet the Chinese are. They seem to have their fingers in every other bowl of rice on the planet. What better way to control Kim Jong Un than to have Fort Hood orbiting right above him?

    Then there’s The Manafort trial. After over a year of digging and spending this is the best Mueller can come up with? That rich guys hide money and cheat on their wives? I learned that at Killeen High School back in 1969. Manafort didn’t last on Trump’s team until the water got hot. Did you ever notice how President Trump weeds out flakes rather quickly? The Left laughs when he fires someone like the day after he hires them, but that’s because Trump is a real estate broker. He doesn’t hang onto mistakes. Your name is NOT on that chair! NEXT!

    And last, but not least, Alex Jones! Zuckerberg is a very stupid man. Did you know that? Alex would have stumbled on, concocting his conspiracy theories until he retired, but Mark Zuckerberg, the drag queen that heads up Apple, and two or three other cackle babble heads in Silicon Valley took a hit on a joint and gave Alex more publicity than he could ever afford to buy. And Ol’ Alex, being the football player that he is, spiked the ball! That’s the best these so-called ”innovators” could come up with? Put Alex Jones in Facebook jail? ”N Word” PLEASE! It provoked a national controversy over freedom of speech. Just last night I watched not one, but three videos Alex put up hanging Zuckerberg out to dry! My own brother had never heard of Alex Jones, and he lives in AUSTIN! Well, he’s sure heard of him now! I did three articles myself about it. You can read them linked to this article. I now believe every word that Alex says. If he says the moon is made of green cheese then by God we need to have the Space Force fly some crackers up there! Of course the legal minds remind us that the first amendment applies only to congressional restrictions. I know that. Any damn fool knows that. But what the amendment implies is every American has the right to speak their mind. This isn’t England! Kicking Alex Jones off Facebook is somewhere along the lines of the phone company shutting your service off because you said something it didn’t like.

    When this roller coaster ride is over it’s gonna be a whole different world. We’ve had this national nervous breakdown coming for quite some time, and it’s a good thing. Kinda like hanging your kid’s pissy sheets out to dry. Zuckerberg is the big loser in all this. Let’s count his most recent achievements. Lied his ass off to Congress, tanked his company on Wall Street, and made Alex Jones a superstar! Might be time to move on, Mark. I hear PaPa John’s Pizza may be coming up for acquisition soon. Hey! Dude! KOSHER PIZZA!

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