Holes in the Desert

The Breaking Of America


New Mexico terrorist In the movie ”Casino” we’re told that there are many holes in the desert. When Brother Theo and I were involved with the Utah Child Protective Services we found some of those holes and we became aware that there was far more involved than just a local office with a sociopathic supervisor.

We learned that she relished her reputation for removing children from their homes, and her cases were so many that the Office of the Attorney General would rubber stamp her petitions, frequently not reading them before appearing in court. A caseworker revealed in casual conversation that she had removed one little girl, placing her in Saint George, Utah. The child wasn’t removed because she was in any kind of danger. She was taken because the CPS supervisor decided her family was not a good ”fit, ” and a more suitable family needed to be found. Then we found that another little girl had been removed precisely the same way a year before, and in addition to the case that we were involved in, still another little girl was being groomed for the trip to Bountiful and her family was being targeted by the same system that had worked so flawlessly before. The two common denominators? The same supervisor and one school principal.

There would appear to be a child procurement service operating in Brigham City, Utah. And let me tell you, brothers and sisters, they were open for business! The principal would nominate a girl. He then called the local department. Case workers would come to the school to interrogate the child. Once the child made any mention of some anomaly in the home, be it a whipping or the loss of iPad privileges the ”department” would pounce, and once the child made the statement it could not be retracted. The parents were told to just plead ”no contest, ” and all would be good. An investigation would ensue, and in due time the little girl would be spirited away to a ”better fit.” The end was always the same. A petition would be processed through the attorney general to the court ending with the supervisor’s seal of approval, ”Being an employee of the state of Utah, I believe this petition to be true in its entirety, even the parts that aren’t true, which I believe to be true too.” GOLDEN TABLETS! We heard the words ”Saint George” again and again. The pattern became obvious. Girls were being groomed in parks in Brigham City where pedophiles from as far away as Denver, and Butte, Montana would come to ”shop.” Once they were properly indoctrinated, the principal would make the call, and the CPS would go into action. Dorothy wouldn’t be in Kansas anymore! There were two kinds of people in Brigham City. A CPS office casting a sinister net to catch children, and a population trying to dodge that net while projecting the illusion that they were living in Mayberry, USA.

Saint George sits in the bottom corner of Utah, near Arizona. After we got past our case another story hit the news about rape camps near Tucson. While the national press didn’t make the connection, Brother Theo and I quickly saw the same patterns that we’d seen in Utah, and the possibility that the trafficking between Saint George and Brigham City extended all the way down into Arizona became a feasible reality. It was easy to see that such an operation could easily bleed over into Arizona, New Mexico, and even Colorado, around the area known as the ”Four Corners.” The desert regions of the southwest are sparsely populated and easily traveled with anonymity, and there are a lot of holes in the desert. Filled with little girls!

Now, just this week, in New Mexico we have a training camp for active school shooters. While this camp isn’t connected directly with the Saint George operation, or Tucson, one can surmise that something is definitely askew in the four corners region. Why didn’t the sheriff look into this? A deputy actually went there and reported nothing at all unusual. That’s because for them nothing WAS unusual. I mean, men running around dressed like Osama Bin Laden with names sounding like a cigarette cough, and starving kids living in tents, what’s so bad about that? There could be so much of this going on that we can only guess how many child trafficking operations are working in the region. We’ve had two big ones in three months hiding in plain sight.

Now throwing all political correctness to the wind we must ask the next question. How many Islamic training centers are there? I used the qualifier ”Islamic” because I don’t think patriot preppers are pimping little girls or training little boys to shoot up classrooms. There can’t be just one. Where did they get their planning, guns, money and ideology? This simply cannot be a lone wolf operation. The ”Child Highway” from Brigham City to Saint George took a lot of cooperation and planning. It took a lot of authorities looking the other way. It took a lot of acceptance by the people to lay low and keep their mouths shut knowing that their child could be next. And if they were attacked it would be ”no contest!” These factors are what fueled Saint George, Tucson, and Amalia.

This region has always been a nesting ground for groups who, for want of a better word, go into isolation to find a better ”fit.” The core values of these groups always seem to center around children, preferably little girls. That having been said, the New Mexican case demonstrates how far such groups can go with impunity. Up until now school shooters have been lone nuts. This new breed is a religion based organization with hard, fast plans to murder American kids. Think one school shooting is bad? Think about ten at a time! That could effectively shut down an entire region. All schools closed, police taxed beyond all capabilities, people afraid to go out and pick up the morning paper off the porch.

I know you’re looking for a connection between these events. The connection is a mindset. The mindset of the organization in Brigham City is exactly the same as Saint George, Tucson, and the tent camps of New Mexico. Pursuing Hedonistic urges and trying to effect political changes by using and abusing children with no fear of being caught and supported by the the fear of people who don’t want to lose their kids. THERE’S your common thread! Same cake, different icing.

How do we fight this? By understanding what President Trump is trying to do. The travel ban, the wall, the shifting of the national news focus from Mueller’s Excellent Adventure to homegrown problems. The safety of our kids, our schools and our borders, our way of life is at stake. This has to stop! It won’t be easy. Obama set this all in motion. The man who was operating the camp in New Mexico was a speaker at the Democratic National Convention! That supervisor in Brigham City moves with ease among the schools there, and those recipients of little girls in Saint George are probably outstanding members of the church. These people are entrenched! We have to dig new holes in the desert, and fill them with vermin! We must make these people from Brigham City all the way down to Tucson understand that this mindset won’t work anymore and part of making America great again is ridding America of people just like them!

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