The Library of ALEXandria

The Burning of the Constitution


Alexandria The burning of the library of Alexandria was a harbinger of what Mark Zuckerberg has tried to do to Alex Jones. Civilization may have been set back one thousand years when Caesar set the ships afire in the harbor of Alexandria, and the blaze engulfed the library. The Library Of Alexandria held the wisdom of the entire ancient world. Thousands upon thousands of scrolls resided there. When ships docked in the harbor soldiers would board them and take all scrolls, charts and logs, make copies, and then give the copies back to the ships, keeping the originals.

Think the ancients didn’t have something on the ball? Consider the Epic of Sinoae. The work tells the story of an Egyptian doctor who fell prey to the wiles of a Babylonian woman who milked him for all of his money, even his surgical tools and parents burial money. After traveling for years he rebuilt and returned to Egypt, finding favor with the pharaoh. By and by the Babylonian woman found her way to his office. She had a malady. From The description given the illness was most likely Herpies. Doctor Sinoae told her that he could cure her sickness but not the scars left. He then gave her a small vial to drink from. To this day we do not know what was in the vial. The formula most likely burned in the Library of Alexandria.

Destroying a body of work is never a good thing. Silencing a voice never benefits mankind. Even Hitler’s Mein Kamph remains in print if only to remind us of the depravity it represents. Holocaust deniers cannot deny what’s in that book! You can build by correcting past mistakes. To unilaterally try to destroy opinion is a fanatical act of barbarism equal to the Muslims finishing the sacking of the Library of Alexandria centuries after Caesar using the logic that if what remained of the scrolls had information included in the Qu’ran then it was already there, and if not then it was evil, so burn it!

The billionaires of Silicon Valley revealed their true nature, the very nature Alex Jones warned us about, by the act, planned in a private meeting on a Sunday night, of moving to unperson a man, showing their power in the New World Order they have created. They showed the world that there really IS an Illuminati. There really is a wealthy sinister organization bent on world domination and the enslavement of mankind. They showed us that they could skirt the Constitution and march to the beat of their own drummer. Their rules supersede the rules the rest of us must follow just to survive in this world they have created.

But their arrogance will be their undoing. By peeling off the veneer of civilization this tribe of Mongols have exposed themselves. If Alex was wrong about everything else, he nailed this one right on the head! Brother Theo and I have an ongoing debate. I believe that anyone has the right to pursue success as far as it can legally take them, while he thinks that there should be an upper limit on how much wealth one may acquire. While I don’t approve of wealth distribution, I’m beginning to see the wisdom of putting restraints on entities who use their wealth to dominate society, even free speech.

Facebook, Apple, and any other companies who’ve become so large, out of touch should be broken up. Not only would this preserve our democracy, it would inspire innovation as the heavy hand of our bloated corporate masters is removed from the necks of young inventors working in garages somewhere on something that would make the iPhone look like a telegraph. These companies should be regulated so that they understand that the Constitution most certainly does apply to their interaction with the public and money won’t buy them out of that. There should be an ever increasing tax structure that draws money off of the mega-rich corporations to benefit the people who do good to meet the bills. Money used to build infrastructure, schools, and yes, provide health care for those struggling at the bottom of the social ladder.

This won’t stifle innovation. When one man has fifty billion dollars in his checking account, he’s not suffering. What it will stop is meetings in the middle of the night to plan the silence of one man proudly speaking his mind. If we can do this perhaps we can begin to put out the new fires they have lit to finish burning down the Library of Alexandria!

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