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OmarosaOmarosa bills herself as a reality TV star. Isn’t that what the Left holds against President Trump the most? Reality television has replaced professional wrestling as the most phony thing you can ever watch. We all know when “Mighty Mike” hurls “Steer the Queer” across the ring that it’s all choreographed down to the bloody nose. So now the big assault on the President’s integrity comes from a wannabe actress who got shown the White House door because basically she’s an ineffective liar. Oh yeah, she’s black, too, and that’s always a big plus.

Her book is hitting the street today, an area of town I’m sure she is very familiar with, with the usual fanfare given to a work of no value other than the Left has to have something to save face after the “blue tide” failed to come in, leaving the Democrats high and dry sipping the piss warm glass of the reality of the Trump Train. Omarosa’s spot on the Today Show was a disaster as she tried to employ Reality TV tactics against a host who kept pointing out that she was contradicting her own previous statements and even some she had made during that very interview. As she consistently talked down to and interrupted the host she took on the appearance of a VooDoo doll with pins protruding from every angle.

This gives everyone a good look at how fake news and publicity work when employed to misdirect the public. People come to these things with preconceived notions. They choose sides and wait for the adversary to trip up. You couldn’t convince a global warming denier of the evidence of that condition if their hair was on fire, and a staunch liberal will believe Omarosa if her nose was two feet long.

Let’s take a moment to explain Liberal vs Conservative. The Main Stream Media has maneuvered America into two armed camps all suited up for a very nice civil war. On one side are the Tide Pod crunching trans-sexuals while the ranks of the other are the biker, cowboy, vets who want their little girls to carry an AR-15 to the supermarket to buy groceries. Or that’s what the MSM would have us to believe because that’s the only way they’re gonna sell this nit-wit’s book!

Let me ask you. Was Julius Caesar a conservative or a liberal? He looked pretty conservative as he hacked his way through Gaul, Germania and Britannia. But when he crossed the Rubicon and the entire Roman Senate jumped into the Mediterranean trying to swim to ANYWHERE but Rome he probably would’ve been chewing on a Tide Pod if he’d had one!

My point is stop letting the Media tell you what you are, and how you should act! I watched Omarosa’s interview on The Today Show with an open mind right up until I learned that she’d been a contestant on “The Apprentice.” At that point I knew the score. Now, as we’ve noted, Reality TV is a scripted fake. Therefore, Omarosa is a scripted fake. Here’s the deal. What would be cooler than a black woman holding her own against a bunch of suited up executive white men in a contest to work for Donald Trump? If that ain’t a rewrite of David and Goliath, I’m not a white boy from Austin! Only problem is that it’s a big ol’ lie! And letting this dressed up, washed up ho work in the White House as anything other than a maid is the perpetuation of that lie. A perpetuation that fell apart in her first interview where she had to face someone who was media savvy and didn’t buy her bill of goods!

Oh, and of course, the president calls everyone a ”nigger” in private. As she tripped over her tongue in that interview that card was the only one she had left to play. I like to call it the ”Trump” card. When you’re obviously losing the game draw for an inside straight, right? That usually makes white folks run for cover denying that they’ve ever even heard ”the ’N’ word!” I’ll guarantee you I’ll take a hit for using it in this very article. ”Mr. Butcher, have you ever heard, or used ’the N word?” Why hell no! I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1951! I never heard that word, and most certainly never used it. And if you believe that have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on SALE! But you know what? In the sixty-seven years since the doctor cut the cord I grew to believe that as a nation we’ve grown beyond such a verbal attack on another person’s humanity based solely on their complexion! All of us except a lying, failed TV Reality ”Star” named Omarosa trying to peddle a comic book off as literature! Nigga please!

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