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Alt RightJason Kessler is the self appointed head of the Alt Right Movement that fantastically bombed in Washington DC this past weekend as he and thirty or so followers tried to rekindle their glory days last year when one of their more fervent adherents decided to plow into a group of protesters with his car, killing a woman in the process. The event this year was supposed to ignite racial tensions and reinstate white power. I immediately began to remind my friends that I was part Native American and I wasn’t wid dem brothas!

ANTIFA felt so sorry for Kessler and company they didn’t even bother to beat them up. There literally were more media covering the story than there were Klansmen, or whatever joint they were passing around at the time. The explanation for the two radically different turnouts are simple. You see, bloated, racist Alt Right supporters usually have beer in the fridge while younger left leaning protesters have to hit the streets to find beer. Y’all thought there was some deep political theory lurking here huh?

In defense of my pale face brothers they really thought America was going to rise up and redo white privilege again. They hate Jews, blacks, Mexicans, gays, fat Dagos, Chinese, Limeys, Krauts and anyone not affiliated with the NRA. But, they love America. . . while hating most everyone in it!

This is the way it’s always been. Everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame, but for the Alt Right it’s all over now, and it sure is Monday! ANTIFA gets a lot of press because they’re young, dumb and full of. . . well, you know. They’ll run out of gas, too. The Main Stream Media will give time to almost anyone except weird religious cults in the four corners selling little girls. They’re cool with that. That’s because from Bill Clinton to Harvey Weinstein they’ve all got their finger in that pie, and to expose it would cause the bankruptcy of the Lolita Express, but I digress.

You see, stupid only takes you so far. You can watch a Three Stooges marathon, but after a while they’re just not funny anymore. Same way with the Alt Right, Far Left, and all the little subdivisions in between. I mean, it’s all fun to watch them on the news, but once you’ve seen one car burn you’ve seen them all. I like it when they start knocking everyone in the head with padlocks, but shucks, that’s kinda like watching Patty Mayo tackle another bond jumper. After ten or twelve you wonder, ”Why am I doing this to myself?” and you switch to Bounty Hunter ”D.”

Does the failure of the DC rally signal the end of conservatism? Certainly not! It signals the end of a group that should have been relegated to the history books the day the FBI found those three civil rights workers buried in that levy in Mississippi. Southern people have been grouped together with these chowderheads for far too long. The south is not a bad place filled with horrible people. Well, maybe Arkansas. You do know of course, that the toothbrush was invented in Arkansas. Learned that on the Amazing Doc Greene Show recently. Else it would have been called the ”teeth brush!” But please note that statistically speaking almost nobody retires and moves up north.

America has been called the great mixing pot. And that vegetable stew comparison is all very fine until someone comes along and throws in a big scoop of ice cream. That’s what the Klan, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and all the other whack jobs are that float up over the years. By and large the American people are a constant. Every now and then mob rule comes along but mostly the difference between the steel worker and the cowboy is just an accent. For every freaked out college professor there are millions of stable Americans working, paying their taxes and hoping, just hoping that some day the government will just read the Constitution and simply do what it says. America is not a four letter word.

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