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Taking a knee on our troops broken backs

Taking a Knee

Taking a KneeFrom the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas: The Knee is Back

So the NFL players are back to taking a knee, a protest that started over police brutality in the black neighborhoods over two years ago. They had a whole off season to protest and take their grievances to the street, where were they during the off season? Oh wait! I know, they were to busy taking care of the multi-million dollar mansions and their fancy cars. There were no cameras on many of these thugs so they had no grievances to protest over. Now that the camera is back on them, they’re back to their little protest. Now that they’re back in the spotlight, they go back to protesting. Where were they during their off season? Why didn’t they protest in their off season?

They worry about police brutality while they do nothing to get rid of the drug dealers, gangs and prostitution running their streets. They do nothing to make the police departments lives easier by cleaning up their own mess. I can only conclude, by their own actions, they are doing nothing but grandstanding. It’s easier to point a finger and place the blame somewhere else, than it is to clean up their own neighborhoods.

Sounds like they would rather set back and smoke a little weed on the off season, then get out and actually do something to clean up the mess in their neighborhoods. By the way, there were several players who admitted to smoking weed during the off season for their pain just this morning on TV. Smoking weed they said was better than the pain meds they got from the doctor, but that’s a topic for another day. Back to the main point of this message. Their knee

It’s like this, they’re on the job! If you and I protested at work and didn’t follow the rules, we would get fired. The same should go for these players who think it’s alright to protest at work. Protest while taking millions from their fans, the same fans who pay their paycheck. It’s past time to send these thugs a message. We the fans are tired of their charade. You’re at work, STFU and earn your paycheck or get your Arse off the field.

But hey, everyone knows I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas, What do I know? If that knee wasn’t important enough in the off season, it’s not that important when you go back to work.

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