IF True Ain’t True Then America Ain’t America Anymore!

We are DEFINATLY not in Kansas anymore!


America is not America anymore. From the very beginning the Mueller investigation has had no other purpose other than to remove the legally elected President, Donald Trump, and install the gangster, Hillary Clinton in his place. You think that it cannot happen? It happened today! ! With the fall of Manafort, and Cohen, the liberal left has tasted blood, and is now poised to impose its will upon the electorate that chose to make America great again. At least Manafort went down swinging. Cohen just broke out in buttholes and crapped himself to death.

Mueller has craftily zeroed in on the weakest of Trump’s staff, attorneys, and family to weave a web around the White House and secure a victory for the Illuminati. Did you think the attack on Alex Jones was just by chance? How many others have been silenced, or censored that you know nothing about? The left has left no stone unturned in their relentless attack on the president at every turn. From the First Lady’s shoes to failed porn stars, the rhetoric has been endless. I’ve seen Stormy Daniels and in my opinion she was grossly over paid.

This is America Lost. This is you seeing, in your face, that your vote doesn’t count. This is the opinions of Hollywood holding sway over our government and our very way of life. This is the bell tolling for thee! Any time we have talk of impeachment from the very inauguration we have a problem! This is the harbinger of Civil War!

Flow chart to America Lost

You want to impeach our President? I say impeach that jury that convicted Paul Manafort. I say nullify that verdict, and pardon him. I say fire Robert Mueller and drag him to Gitmo! I say to rise up and stand by the will of the people so blatantly demonstrated in November of 2016, and rid America of the vermin cultivated by Barack Obama. I say make America great again no matter what some mayor in New York has to say while he literally stands in the shadow of the Twin Towers. I say make our nation safe again so a young lady can safely jog, and not be found dead in some corn field. Don’t drain the swamp. Drown these animals IN the swamp! But what I, and you say doesn’t count. We just pay the bills.

Forgive me. I’m just bitter. I am bitter because I’m seeing the reality of Hillary bleaching sixty-five thousand emails, Obama screwing up our health care, Our Uranium being sold to the Russians and bodies everywhere, but yet I BELIEVED! I BELIEVED in America. I should have known better. I should have believed in Texas. I’d lost my vision. I believed that America could fix itself. It can’t. America has AIDS!

Obama divided this nation into two camps. But we conservatives still believed that America was still America, we were the best of the best, and no matter how bad it looked, we would survive, and all would be ok. We thought wehad a Constitution. Nah! It was constipation! Then there were the ones who only saw the destruction of everything we had worked for. All that was good, holy, and decent. If Donald Trump is removed from office perhaps the Russians do need to take over. We are a nation gone mad! We can’t even get a consensus on bathrooms.

America IS lost. I don’t think I shall ever vote in an American election again. It makes no sense. I’ll vote in Texas elections. Maybe, that way George Soros won’t erase my vote.

I could better spend my time having a beer. This is a serious day for the Trump administration, but it’s also a notice to all Americans. Your country is no longer yours. You’re not a citizen. What good does it do? Your voice doesn’t count. You don’t matter. You need to understand that the plutocracy really does pull all the strings, and its better to just keep your head down and your mouth shut. You don’t have the guts to stand up. For a brief moment in time you did, but Whoppi Goldberg shouted you down. There’s your America. I weep for America. I really believed. I was a fool!

Like it has been said today this is a Watergate moment. In my opinion it is not survivable. There’s just too much. We must put our hate and division behind us. We must try to go on. Go on with this new America. An America that our forefathers would not recognize. Amerika! I will never believe again.

I will not go into the details of all the fake news, the lies, or the political analysis of today’s events. CNN had an orgasm. I won’t explain the destruction of the Constitution that Obama used to light his Marlboro on. I won’t remind you of that angel that was found today in a corn field, murdered by exactly the type of sub-human our President is trying to build a wall to keep out of our country. Forget about the wall. Build bridges. The Dreamers are laughing with delight for today our dream died. All I can tell you is to keep your power dry because you’re gonna need it. The slavers are coming and the Tea Party is waiting.

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