South African ”N Words”

We can't help South Africa, We can't even control South CHICAGO!


South AfricaIt is no secret that whites in South Africa are under assault. It is also no secret that the government of South Africa has instituted “land reforms” to redistribute property there. So what’s the problem with President Trump recognizing these facts in a tweet?

The natives are restless in South Africa. Venting their rage upon whites has replaced soccer and spear chucking. Racist enough for you. Well save your fork, it’s gonna get better. Cute little Zulu tricks such as raping and crucifying three year old little girls flood the world news. But we all know the rules of engagement here. As we stumble, tongue tied over “The ‘N’ Word” the “Ns” have no problem white washing South Africa’s little race riot!

Now, I’ll be straight up with you. If you really think that all blacks in South Africa are running around throwing spears at farmers then you ARE a racist. Most there are no more involved than the people in Austin are involved with ANTIFA. I actually have a white friend who is married to a black South African lady and they live a sterling life in London now.

But, in this era of shock jock news the noisy wheel gets the grease. No, my point here is two fold. First, as usual, anything President Trump says gets attacked by the leftist press. He could say that he likes white bread for his toast and CNN would call in Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Whoopi Goldberg to denounce Trump and Wonder Bread.

The next issue is the word “White!” Now, we all know about that word previously mentioned in this article. Did you notice how the word “White” has been insidiously slipped into the forbidden category? Only it’s weird, folks. While black folk have license to say THEIR word, it seems that us crackers are not allowed to say ours. We have become the “People of no Color!”

Don’t you wanna know why? Well, it works like this. When you have like, a war, soldiers are outfitted with uniforms. The blue guys shoot at the grey guys and vice versa. So what better way to divide a nation than to have us all born already “suited up?” Then you come up with forbidden words to make damn sure that never the two sides will agree on anything except that they’ll always be Crackers and N Words! I love using that phrase ”N Word” for two reasons. It shows the outright silliness of this example of verbal gymnastics, and Whoopi knows exactly what I just really called her. Anyway, I digress.

Bottom line! There IS a problem in South Africa. The former government of that country had more racist policies than Mississippi. Naturally, when the shoe is on the other foot (assuming that they do wear shoes) there will be some that want a little ”even up.” But it doesn’t make the President a racist because he recognizes the problems down there. We can’t do anything about it! We can’t help South Africa. We can’t even calm South CHICAGO down on a Saturday night! What the hell do you think we could do about South Africa? But, touché Mr. President! Took the MSM’s minds off Cohen and Manafort, huh?

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