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Daniel HoltzclawThe case of Daniel Holtzclaw in Oklahoma City completely blows the whole idea of the “Thin Blue Line” we hear so much about, and Black Lives Matter rails against in the streets of America every day. First, a little background for those of you who may not have heard of this case.

Daniel Holtzclaw was a rookie cop in Oklahoma City. He patrolled the northeast, predominately black part of town at night. He was accused by one woman of having raped her in his squad car during a routine traffic stop. Enter One Kim Davis, detective, who “had a gut feeling” that there may be more to this that initially appeared. A quick trip across the tracks revealed the Oklahoma Chapter of the #metoo movement!

Fourteen women were singled out as victims, and Daniel received two hundred and sixty-three years in prison from a jury so positioned that the jurors could hear Black Lives Mattering just outside during their forty-five hours of deliberations. These political terrorists didn’t bother the right, honorable Judge Timothy Henderson as they spilled into his courtroom taking pictures of the jury. Open and shut, right? Wrong! Daniel is appealing his case based on several points. Only problem is he has to appeal in Oklahoma. There are tons of missteps, scripted victims, and outright evidence tampering that are flagrant violations of so many civil rights. The judge even called a private meeting of police and prosecution where Daniel’s Lawyers weren’t allowed!

Daniel Holtzclaw

During the interview of one such victim, when she thought the recording was overheard saying, “Even if he didn’t rape anyone he contacted people,” and asking the officer conducting the interview if her story was “good enough!”

The clincher for the prosecution was DNA evidence. When Holtzclaw’s pants were tested it was alleged by the expert brought in that there was female DNA present. Now there were three sets of DNA there, but Daniel had patted down three suspects including his seventeen year old accuser. Oh, the expert was one of the investigating detective’s mother in law, Elaine Taylor. She kinda retired right after that and erased all of her emails. Hey! It’s Oklahoma, and Oklahoma is OK!

Elaine Taylor

Experts from all over the world have chimed in on this. This was a witch hunt. The question begs to be asked what drove this investigation? Why did Kim Davis look high and low for more victims? Why did she decide Daniel was guilty from the first interview? And what conditions did the victims have to contend with at her hands?

More than one woman claimed nothing had happened, and they just didn’t want to be involved. Many more were just in it for the fame and money and had to be weeded out because their stories didn’t fit Davis’ pre-conceived theory. She even went as far as saying Daniel had three victims on his last day on patrol.

The powers that be in Oklahoma City seemed to be on a crash course in political correctness. They HAD to get Daniel convicted by the all white jury. And what is that? An all white jury? How often does that happen? Hey! It’s Oklahoma! Not one Navajo? A Latino would be nice. Daniel is half Japanese. Jury of his peers. Maybe some guy who owns a Japanese Grill? Where was Black Lives Matter in that?

People in and out of court are working to get Daniel an appeal, and overturn this miscarriage of justice. More questions need to be asked. The “DNA” expert retired. Did the judge? Is he still there? How about the DA? How about subsequent criminal acts by the accusers who were almost all drug addicted prostitutes? Daniel sits serving his centuries in solitary confinement, and that’s NOT OK!

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