Christians Pay For Their Own Persecution

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“Lying Down”

Most kids today do not believe the Bible is truth, they have been taught it is hearsay literature.  Where did they learn this?  Primarily because of public school rules we Christians actually endorse daily.  How do we endorse them?  By working around them with evasive evangelism discussions and then proclaiming such secret discussions, hidden from the school management, are a moral victory.  But that moral victory is a Pyrrhic victory – the devil’s side is winning the war.  Let me explain the pathology of liberals’ rising persecution of our faith.

We Christians own much of the problem, because nobody walks on you unless you lay down first.

How Do We Lie Down?

Public schools are an organization teaching kids the Bible is “just a belief,” a giant advantage for Satan. Satan gets a head start when a policy of “just a belief” is taught to millions of kids.  How do I know this?

I evangelize online and live frequently, I have observed the impugning of our faith as “just a belief” as the primary starting point for attack. Both “nones” and “dones” say this 90% of the time in thousands of efforts I’ve tried. (‘Nones’ have no Christian exposure, ‘dones’ left their church.)

I’ve found Liberals delight in hearing a Christian say the Bible is only a belief, not truth.  They know that belief is far less powerful than truth, and we KNOW this first hand because the school says you can “talk about it, but not advocate it.”   That is to say, we can read a school history book about Rome, then say how great Caesar was, we can read and exalt how great Ben Franklin was, but when it comes to Jesus – the rules are different.   “You can talk about the Bible, but don’t push religion.”

Teachers are required – and paid – to be sanguine about Jesus.  That is a restraint found on no other virtuous historical figure. Because Jesus was required to be “just a belief.”

The Pyrrhic Victory Cry of the Christian Public School Teacher

Christian teachers brag “Oh, I secretly worked around the rules!” But while they got through to a few kids, ALL THE KIDS learned it was ok to suppress the “truthful Jesus,”  because only the mythical, “belief Jesus” was discussed and promoted.  The teachers were coerced to promote only the false decree Jesus is “just a belief,” as a condition for employment.  The “Christian teachers” are forced to normalize the first steps to broad liberal government promotion of Jesus being a myth, while proclaiming victory for a few lucky kids.

Our faith mission as a Christian is the opposite of what the school employer demands!  This has been heavy on my mind because a Christian teacher I met from Orange County schools just told me two weeks ago at men’s group: “I can’t talk about my faith at work.” Then 2 more told me so, last week.   They were so proud they worked around the rules – but they’re endorsing and normalizing the teaching of the “mythical Bible” – a broadly destructive persecution foundation because is establishes doubt of the Gospels.

The Liberals Win A War By Establishing the Rule

Even if a teacher doesn’t strictly adhere to the “no evangelism” rule, the establishment of the “no enthusiasm” rule publicly declares each teacher a part of the organized, broad OPEN persecution of the Christian message of truth as “just a belief.” 

  • A teacher can’t be publicly enthusiastic.
  • A teacher often can’t even teach the Bible is truth in most leftist states.

I challenge all Christians with a mission of restoring Jesus as a truthful, historically exciting, factual figure in our public schools – a nationwide movement.  Teachers must teach truth in all other subjects, right?  Then each teacher, by Amendment 1, can tell anyone about their faith, because it is based on a provably true document, the Four Gospels.

Amendment 1 Is Clear, And We Own Defending It.  Now.

The school should not be able to tell any teacher not to be excited about any important historically important leaders – Jesus included – because that rule establishes an immediate inferiority about our faith and the Bible, AND TEACHERS ARE PAYED TO ACT AS SUCH, contrary to their faith.  (This is not about legalism, don’t fall for that strawman attack.)

School systems’ GOVERNMENT FUNDS are ROUTINELY paying teachers to stifle Jesus, forcing teachers to violate their Christian mandate to plainly be allowed to speak the truth about Jesus’ truthful, verifiable, fact checked message.

Millions of kids are taught a lie, in our school system:  That Jesus is ONLY a belief, a feeling.

Is There Really Proof The Bible is Truthful?

There is a reason the Apostles went to the birthplace of Socrates, the birthplace of analytical thinking, in early missions: They wanted it to be clear they were preaching truth, not a belief. Acts clearly says they evangelized with truth.

Christians should tell the world we ONLY believe in TRUTH. Why?

  • Because TRUTH is a much more committed and legal word than belief.
  • Belief can be in myths and magic, so we signal to others we believe in something that can’t be verified, and that is FALSE.
  • The verified “historicity” of the Bible is accepted by historians and archeologists all over the world.  Why would the apostles carry a fake story to Greece, the birthplace of Socratic analysis, which is used to find truth in every courtroom in America?
  • Tens of forensic artifacts of truth surround the New Testament narrative.  Even an atheist lawyer Simon Greenleaf was convinced of the authenticity of the Gospel testimony by his Harvard students, in a mock trial using courtroom standards of evidence.
  • The apostles documented they spoke about the truth, not about belief.
  • Conversely, belief can vanish under duress or by reward.
  • Belief is now silenced in work and school places, in public places.  In our public schools.  Belief can be silenced by laws.

I wrote the following articles:  The most powerful arguments I found proving the Bible is truth.   Let’s take on “the man” using truth.  Let’s restore the Bible as truth,  so it can be discussed plainly and with enthusiasm in any school in America, just like any history book. Per Amendment 1.


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John Lofgren spent over 10 years researching US economic history, identifying best practices, and exposing findings in public forums in researching his well reviewed book, "Atlas Shouts". John earned degrees from the University of Florida and the University of Central Florida. A computer engineer, he holds five patents and has thirty years of design experience in electronics and design automation. He is also an accomplished lead singer and guitarist in a Motown/Classic Rock band.