Two Political Storms about to Collide


Washington DC is a political swamp of corruption and the election of President Trump has exposed that corruption.  When the FBI and Department of Justice, two agencies that should prosecute corruption with a blindfold, engage in patrician corruption itself; we are in trouble as a nation.

In one storm, Rob Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, signed off on a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Warrant against the Trump campaign, during the election based on false information gathered by the Democrat National Committee (DNC), which was paid for by the Clinton Campaign; but not revealed to the FISA judge, in order to persuade public opinion so Trump would not be elected, thereby protecting the swamp.  Just revealed, FBI intelligence analyst Jonathan Moffa testified that FBI ranking members were leaking false information to the press to use the collaborated stories from the press to obtain FISA Warrants. Later, Rosenstein testified he just signed the warrant without looking at it, which is a violation of the law.  However, since the election, 25 employees of the FBI and DOJ have fired.

In order to protect the swamp, Rosenstein appointed a “Special Council” headed by another swamp creature, Robert Mueller, to find “Trump-Russian Collusion”.  While there is Russian collusion tied to the DNC and the Clintons through Fusion GPS, the Clinton Foundation, and the Uranium One scandal when Hillary approved twenty percent of American uranium sold to the Russians in exchange of millions donated to the Clinton Foundation, Mueller, the head of the FBI during that exchange, ignored the collusion.

Mueller instead targeted anyone on the Trump campaign for tax fraud or “hush money” paid to the “Manhattan Madam”, who accused Trump of an alleged affair. The payments were made with his own money prior to being elected president and therefore legal. However, Mueller, using Russian tactics of his own, must make a case for a crime, at all cost, in order to protect the swamp. Since there was no Trump-Russian collusion, Mueller will instead use the “Manhattan Madam” and tax fraud by associates, or anything else he can use, to recommend the impeachment of Trump in order to remove him from office, thereby protecting the swamp.

However, another storm is brewing.  Rosenstein has evaded government oversight from Congress in his refusal to provide classified information to the Congressional Oversight Committee that allegedly reveals corruption within the FBI and DOJ.  Rosenstein is trying to protect the swamp. Trump has instead hinted that he will order the information unredacted and declassified, revealing corruption of the swamp of Washington.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has referred six matters of investigation to Inspector General, Michael Horowitz to investigate the swamp.  Horowitz was appointed Inspector General by President Obama and retained by Trump.

The first matter completed by Horowitz resulted in top FBI and DOJ employees being fired.  Now with five investigations remaining, it is assumed those investigation are centered on the fake FISA Warrant, Fusion GPS, the Clinton Foundation, the Uranium One scandal, and the corruption within the swamp of Washington DC.

Sessions has appointed two Special Prosecutors, Huber and Hiland, along with 470 U.S. Attorneys to work alongside Horowitz, who will or already has begun indictments to prosecute.  It is very likely the evidence was brought before a Grand Jury to bring charges in all 50 states.

While the average number of sealed indictments within the government is normally 1,200 at any given time, 40,483 sealed indictments were filed in courts across America, waiting to be unsealed and executed.

No one knows exactly what is in those 40,000 sealed indictments; but every indication is that Huber, Hiland, Horowitz, along with 470 U.S. Attorneys and a Grand Jury will be releasing something big soon with many within or connected to Washington being prosecuted for crimes.

These two political storms are about to collide with the patrician Mueller investigation hitting first, timed in an effort, to effect the Midterm elections with recommendations to impeach Trump.  However, a much bigger storm will punch right back and the magnitude will hit hard enough to shake up Washington and be felt throughout the nation.

Trump has always stated, “Why tell your enemy what your plan is?” which is making for two political storms heading right on a collision course very soon.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere.”  He can be emailed at