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The Continuing Left Attack on the President

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From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas:
Damn, I’ve never seen this kind of disrespect for a President in all my years.

The fact is, there are people who are undermining our form of Government, there are people who are coming out and admitting to it, they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore, they’re in our face about it. Whether you like Trump or not, the overwhelming part of the country elected the man, it appears that people who dislike the man can’t get a grip on the fact that he was overwhelmingly elected into office.

So far, despite the fact he’s been hit with a new scandal everyday since he’s been in office, he is trying to keep his promises to the ones who elected him. Now I didn’t like Obama, but I did respect the man as President. There is no respect from anyone on the left, none, and you don’t see a problem? Obama divided this nation, all one has to do is remember the several cities that burned down under his watch. The division was created long before Trump stepped into office. Then as soon as Trump was elected, it started, immediately he was branded a racist, I mean Immediately, Now before Trump was elected, the very people bad mouthing him now, were running around as his lap dog looking for donations and they got them, on both sides.

Trump was seen as a very good guy before he was elected, There was never a charge of racism by anyone who worked for him, and women from all over the globe work or worked for the man. All of them claimed he was a very good boss. But after the election, all of a sudden he’s against women, he’s racist, and now he’s delusional and running our country in the ground…Seriously, have you looked at your 401K lately?

Damn. The Job numbers are up, the economy is up, Jobs are coming back, but all they talk about is the bad job he’s doing and how bad he is…So in three years, he went from a kind loving man who was great to work for, to this womanizing racist, fascist pig that’s going to ruin us. The evidence shows quite different, but let’s not look at the real evidence, He’s bad and that’s what you’re sticking with because the MSM wants to make him look bad.. The same MSM that’s owned by the far left leaning owners.

But I digress, I mean what the hell would a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas know about politics anyways.

The Butcher Shop
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