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The evolving race in 2020


Trump Michelle I’m gonna told you something that’s gonna make you mad. Michelle Obama is poised to make a credible run for the White House. I’ve got a sixth sense for political reality. This nose for the winds of social events is what led me to write the article “Meet President Trump” while he was still clawing his way through a dozen contenders for the republican nomination. Everyone thought I was smoking meth. I was right. Look who’s in the White House!

Political Reality is not what you wish it to be. It is not what you are led to believe. Remember YO MaMa You MAMA. Political reality is what will work, and what will not work. Ad hominem attacks won’t work. Michelle is a tranny. One physical at Bethesda will shoot that right out of the sky. Her daughters are adopted. DNA, and you look like a fool. These things have nothing to do with political reality. Political reality is political. Personal ad hominem attacks are the weakest attack there is, and it’s petty, and useless against a political opponent who has their POLITICAL ducks in a row.

Political reality is the fact that most elections run and neck. The women’s suffrage tried for decades to get prohibition passed. They tried to influence the entire voting population across the board with marches, speeches, and protests at bars. Start from scratch and try to get fifty-one percent. It took a PREACHER who recognized political reality to do it. He realized that a substantial number of voters were temperate. He didn’t worry about them. They were already there. He didn’t try to convert the pro-liquor voters. They’d never come over. He zeroed in on the undecided. The ten percent. All his work went there. Prohibition passed, and Al Capone became a millionaire. He went on to use this formula to depose judges, governors and senators. And this political reality holds true until this very day.

John Q Public isn’t worried about which position Michelle takes to pee. They don’t care if she had those girls or picked them up at a Walmart. They will be thinking about that sixteen thousand dollars the “tax cut”took out of their pocket and gave to Bill Clinton so he could have caviar as he flew to Ecstasy Island aboard the Lolita Express. Remember, most elections are close, and forty-nine percent of the voters will vote for Michelle no matter if she turns green, and starts snapping flies out of the air with her tongue.

So keep with the Alex Jones Scenario. Hey, I like Alex. I like Wonder Woman, too. They’re highly entertaining, but they are not political reality. Michelle is a community organizer. She will register voters. She will get them to the polls. She will focus on that ten percent, and she will eat us ass first so our head dies last! So what do we do?

We use March For America for what it is meant to be. WE register voters. WE get them to the polls. WE make sure that they understand the issues, and know how they want to vote BEFORE they pull the curtain. We make sure the undecided vote is not a crap shoot. A lot of undecided voters remain undecided until they pull the switch.

We must be focused. We must be determined. We must let people know that we intend to do everything we can to make, and keep America great. Call Michelle out on her policies. Call her out on her ideas, experience and expertise. Forget about everything else. Trump’s campaign should be a Ben Franklin list of good vs bad. POLITICALLY! Above all, don’t ignore that ten percent. Therein lies you win, or loss.

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