The Long Way Home

    The Task Of Rebuilding America

    Brother Theo

    Brother TheoThe Long Way Home:
    Small Expectations
    By Brother Theo

    Politically, it is the worst of times. The rain no longer falls on the just and the unjust alike, only the poor and the disenfranchised. As a citizenry, we have lost our right to determine who shall have the authority to govern, and we have turned upon one another, brother against brother. America has lost it’s way, and the way home is long and arduous.

    The problem is simple; Americans have divorced themselves from the political process. That’s it. All of the spectacular symptoms aside, this is the specific disease that is killing us. Aside from a tiny minority, Americans do not know the first thing about how, who, what, or why decisions are made that decide our fate. How many of us attend city council meetings, school board meetings, municipal utility district meetings? How many know what congressional district they are in, who is in it with them, who contributed the most to their campaigns, and how have they voted? Hell, how many of you even vote in off year election, or at all?

    We all know the answer: practically none. And yet, I see social avatars spewing spite and pointing fingers. And the most disheartening thing of all? Thousands of viewers, charged up for change, but ignorant of what the real problem is, pushing buttons that send thumbs up, and hearts floating across the screen in a beautiful display of powerlessness. They want someone, anyone, to solve the problem; as long as they don’t have to do it.

    Oh, some people are willing to throw money at the problem, funding a version of their own news opinion channel using Go Fund Me or the like, but actually sit down and find out where city hall is, and how it works? Actually go there and meet their representatives and their supporters? Speak out about their experiences? Uh Uh. No way buster, I have a job, and a family. That’s what I pay taxes for. And there you have it. I have decided to put forth the only answer to the problem as I can see it that fits our constitutional boundaries. It is brief, and it is unrestricted. It would, if there were some starters, an event that people could drop out of gracefully, and without shame. It requires no money, and it confers power upon no one. It is a democratic process, that starts small, and grows only if its members wish it to be so. I am appending it to this post.

    But I’m going to be honest with you, and say I have small expectations. Most of you have been under the impression that you can be a citizen of good conscience without exerting yourselves to that end. I believe that most of you will look at this task, and never having done anymore than vote in a few elections will quickly find the limit of your ability to commit to a fight like this one. But mostly, I think that most of you believe that you are entitled to your citizenship, and therefore need not apply yourselves to this task. Do not think I disparage you, it is not true. Rather I just see things as they are rather than as I wish they were. Still, my view of things is always from an optimistic place, and, as the American revolution started small, a few dedicated patriots might well grab back our constitutional right to decide who shall govern us.

    The Proposal

    “If people don’t think they have the power to solve their own problems, they won’t even think about ways to solve them”
    Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

    Inasmuch as the constitutional right of we, those persons who are citizens of the United States have lost the means by which we might exert our constitutional right to determine who shall have our consent to govern, regardless of elections and sundry constitutional procedures, and since this condition exists because various courts, including the Supreme Court, have decided through their actions that the outcomes of elections shall be determined by the wealth of those persons whose donors have the most to contribute, thereby creating a debt which may only be balanced by serving the interests of those contributors over the interests of the majority of constituents, and inasmuch as the citizenry of our nation hovers on the brink of civil war due to the terrible divisions which have no reconciliation in sight, and inasmuch as there is no redress to this condition, excepting those which we citizens of the United States might find outside of the constitution, which we have sworn many oaths to uphold, and which we hold dear to our hearts, the following proposal is made:

    A council of concerned citizens shall be formed whose duty it shall be to map and study local government in their city, county, and state.

    Such persons shall report back to the council as regards their findings, which shall include which persons occupy the offices of those branches of local and state government.

    Reports shall be made on a timely basis to be determined by the council.

    Further changes shall be made by members of the council as information is discussed, and ideas are explored. Changes and additions to this original proposal shall be agreed upon by a majority of those persons who serve on this council.

    As regards the council itself: No structure of leadership or offices shall exist, save that of the attendee who will be responsible for keeping the minutes. That person shall be designated at the beginning of each meeting, and shall be an assignment based on the consent of the person designated. No further offices shall be created or assigned unless, or until the council so designates.
    Mission Statement

    This council will make every effort to be inter-party, and membership will not be restricted by party bias. Promoting inter party unity should be a priority for this council, as civil division is rife in our nation, and aids our enemies, working in adversity to our goals, which are to promote knowledge of how our government works, what it is currently doing, and to find the means of increasing the involvement of ordinary citizens in the role of government, thereby regaining our right to confer legitimacy upon those who govern through direct influence.


    A Word From The Master Chief

    Take a minute and read the articles published in 1861 about President Lincoln. Minus the old English you will believe you are reading something from the NYT yesterday. Like wise print out a copy of President Trumps inaugural address, ask some one to read the words, remove all references to MAGA and then tell them JFK wrote it. They will believe it, the speech on merit was that powerful, note the continued reference to “we” and the people! Then pull his speech from Charlottesville just before the election, and do the same. You would believe MLK gave that speech! Fact is DJT is the right man for the job at the right time, just like Lincoln was. History will see him appropriately and with the same admiration


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