Taking a Knee

All Free Speech is Created Equal

Taking a Knee

Taking a KneeHow can you defend Alex Jones’ freedom of speech and rail against Kaepernick’s protest against police brutality by exercising the same right by silently taking a knee during the National Anthem? Jones had been ranting and raving for years before several online platforms cried, ”ENOUGH” and pulled the plug. Kaepernick’s protest evolved. He began by just sitting on the bench by the Gatorade jugs. That didn’t work, I suppose from what I’ve heard he did the team more good on the bench than on the field.

From there he transitioned to the more iconic ”knee” pose, joined by several other players, claiming it was to show respect for servicemen and women, but all through the year that didn’t fly either. So what’s a brother to do! Well, when in doubt, whip it out! The trusty old race card!

The moment he claimed he was trying to draw attention to the treatment of blacks by police all the white folk went berserk and Donald Trump wore OUT his Twitter account! Now, I’m not stupid enough to sit here and try to tell you that cops don’t profile young black men. All you have to do is Google ”cops” and ”black men, ” and you’ll have more than enough videos to fill your Saturday night. It wouldn’t matter if Kaepernick ran a TOUCHDOWN on his knees.

What I AM going to tell you is what the former quarterback has demonstrated is the blatant racism still tooling around America right under our very noses. When it was supposedly for all our troops the reaction was ”Oh well!” The very nanosecond it concerned blacks the crackers lost they minds.

It was a good career move for Kaepernick. Football wasn’t working out for him, apparently, but Nike sure did. His face appeared with ”Just Do It” and shoes began to burn from sea to shining sea! We Americans sure have our priorities in order. Millions of abortions, Muslims taking over Detroit, illegal aliens on food stamps, all good. We might have to look into that some day. But some guy goes to one knee because he thinks cops may have gotten a bit too militarized lately? Pee on the fire and call in the dogs!

Ok, bottom line. Going to a knee during the anthem is not gonna stop one ass whipping on the streets of South Chicago. Our society has grown out of control what with mass shootings, ANTIFA, black lives mattering all over the place and a reported resurgence of the KKK! What do you get when you have an out of control society? You get out of control police. In high crime areas police are hyper alert to situations that can quickly escalate. The people in those areas are scared and miserable and in their eyes the police represent the enforcement arm of the system that keeps them that way. Now this is a big old Democratic lie, but it’s gonna take a full minute to get that through to the family that is third generation on food stamps and the father can’t be there because they will lose their HUD housing if he does. THAT turns desperate young men out in the streets. Kaepernick can stay on his knee for the whole damn game and it won’t change a thing, BUT, just as Alex Jones can say Nancy Pelosi is a lizard, Kaepernick has the right to kneel briefly to call attention to an injustice he sees.


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