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    The way back to America

    Short Way home


    Short Way home

    The Short Way Home

    by Brother Theo

    The commonly held beliefs in America are that our nation is in deep trouble, and that no one person or group can turn back the tide. I, for one, disagree. I told you about the long way home, but there is a short way home. While it is true that the citizens of America have allowed one event to pile atop another until it seems we stand before a mountain, it is important to remember two crucial facts: one, most of the decisions we made seemed like the right thing to do at the time, and two, things change.

    What this really means is that we are constantly one decision away from making everything different than the way it was. That’s right! One decision can put us on the path to say, the America we lived in during the 1970’s. That one gets my vote by the way.

    During the 1970’s life was simple, and each of us followed a nearly identical pattern. First we were born. Then we went to kindergarten where we were civilized, and taught to become part of a polite society. Next, we completed grade school where in addition to learning basic science and the “three R’s,” we had our lessons from kindergarten elaborated upon, and reinforced every weekday for six years, along with an unvarying daily dose of national identity, and physical development.

    Using this platform, we took a fairly uniform young citizen and put them in a two stage finishing school which were developed by first class minds using first class tools. It cannot be overstated the degree of serious belief in public education that went into developing the timing and content of this academy which became the model and the envy of the rest of the world.

    At the end of this twelve year process everybody got a diploma. It is true that some did not follow this path, but for the largest part we had separated a new generation of leaders into two basic classes; mechanical arts workers, and managerial workers.

    Those who went into mechanical arts built our nation’s infrastructure, and those who matriculated into the managerial class ran it. In other words, everybody got a job. Next, we got married. Yep, the heart wants what the heart wants, and for the first time in history the world had a nation where boys who wanted to get married could do so, because they could afford it!

    As day follows night, a new generation was eventually begun, and we got older. But hey, no worries there, because we had retirement accounts for those who had done well, and Social Security and medicare for those who had not. And why not? Even those who elected to just get by did get by, and they damn well earned it. So you see? These things happened because we wanted them to happen; and a fine plan it was too.

    Now, we can’t just wave a magic wand and make it as it was in the 1970’s anymore than our forebears did when they built that wonderful time. We have the blueprint though. It’s right there behind us. We just make the first decision that Teddy Roosevelt made, and forbid monopolies. Then, following the reformation of unions, we go back to his cousin’s banking laws and progressive taxation. We demand directors of the department of education BELIEVE in education, and we model our schools on the same schools we went to as children. We allow one decision to pile upon another until we have our kingdom back.

    You see, America is a village. We don’t need anything from any body. When we are great people, then we were a great nation, and great nations stand alone. Let’s truly make America great again. Hats don’t do it. Walls don’t do it. WE do it. All of us. Together!


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