Seventeen Years Ago

The Decline of Western Civilization


Seventeen years ago I woke up with a hangover. Turning on my computer at my home office I went to AOL. That was where I gathered subjects for things I would write about that day. It was my birthday. We all look to history to see what momentous events occurred on our birthday. Up until that day the only thing I’d found was September 11th was the day Patton actually disobeyed orders and invaded Germany. That’s is, until 2001!

On my screen was the World Trade Center with one tower billowing smoke from the top. I’d eaten a hot dog up there in 1981. Knowing history I remembered a private plane hitting the Empire State Building way back when, so I figured that’s what it was. Then the second strike came, and like all other Americans I realized that’s we had entered a new era. An era we are still living in today. The attack on all Western Civilization.

On September 11, 2001 all Western Civilization, if they liked America or not, entered into a war with the most uncivilized faction on earth. Islam! Now Europe has fallen. What Hitler couldn’t do, a ragamuffin bunch of illiterate religious nuts did without firing a shot. Almost without exception all religions entice adherents with kindness and promises of peace. The “Religion of Peace”uses words like “Jihad,” preserves stoning for adultery, and convinces otherwise stable young men that flying jets into buildings is pleasing to God, and they’ll be rewarded by getting to shack up with seventy girls of their choice after the crash. In our PC world nobody says that out loud. You can say anything you want about Jesus, but don’t get caught drawing even a flattering picture of Mohammed because ISIS will show up and shoot everybody at the art fair.

The freedom of religion cited in the first amendment did not imply Islam. Indeed, shortly after America formally became a nation the Navy was formed to specifically address Muslim pirates who were hijacking trade vessels on the high seas. Now our Navy defends Saudi interests while they refer to our sailors as “dogs!” Do a head count as to the nationalities of the nineteen hijackers on September 11th!

I’ll admit that’s most Muslims are not violent Jihadists. Most Germans were not SS either, but Hitler had enough fanatics to inflict World War II upon the world, and did a fairly good job of ridding Europe of the Jewish race. We, as Americans, tend to accept different beliefs. That having been said, there is a vast difference between Dearborn, Michigan and a people in a sleepy little Amish village riding around in buggies.

We need to address this up front. Not concentration camps as we did to the Japanese in WWII, but a conscious awareness of a system of control masquerading as a religion. Any time such a belief system proposes to replace the legal system with a system right out their “holy” book that’s is nothing more than insurrection and treason. Any time a fundamentalist Mormon can be jailed for having more than one wife while an Imam in Michigan can have four of his choice we have failed the American people.

We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal. Shortly after that they diverge. We must realize that, and not let ignorance seep into our nation from the Goat herder’s guide to the universe. We must stop doing pat downs in airports on little girls while some woman dressed in a tent skips right up to the front of the line. We must put Texas oil in the gas tanks and not Saudi oil. And especially on this day of remembrance we must ask ourselves who was really behind the fall of the Twin Towers and the ultimate decline of Western civilization!Peter

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