Cruising For A Bruising

The Booger’s What Done It


CruisingCruising for a bruising. That’s what Ted Cruz is doing. With O’Rourke having fourteen million in his war chest, as opposed to Cruz’s nine, the tally of the tape don’t look good. Take notes. There’s gonna be a quiz come November. The political reality is simple. Those who put up money also vote. Republicans are traditionally money bags. Any time an upstart Democrat can raise that kind of cash shows the populace is pissed off!

Now, I’m a Republican. I’d probably vote for Hitler if he ran on the Republican ticket. But I’m having some concerns. Some time ago a few enterprising Democrats figured out that there are quite a few numbskulls like me, and the key to success was to put a little “r” behind their name. We saw the advent of the RINO. Republican In Name Only. And we filled up the Texas House with them.

So, the result was while we have a Republican majority down there, they all vote Democratic. There ought to be a law! Well, O’Rourke isn’t a RINO, he’s a red, white, and red Democrat. With all the trimmings. While Cruz is lighting up TV commercials, Beto is walking from town to town, shaking hands and kissing babies.

That booger’s what done it. If you ask practically anyone about Ted Cruz’s most memorable moment they’ll tell you about that booger he scarfed down on national TV for a few million of his closest friends. Ted’s about to lose an election by a booger!

And it’s not just Texas. With the Mainstream Media touting the ”Trump is an idiot” by line the senate and congress are on the slippery slope of turning blue. We are about to go from reversing Roe v Wade to a dead baby in every pot!

But, ask yourself. What have the Republicans done with their majority? Nothing. Nada! It wasn’t until Trump hit them between the eyes with a series of executive orders that anything got done. And even then they blamed it on the Russians. With a Republican majority in both houses Obama ran amuck on Capitol Hill for years. Obamacare? Freaking OBAMACARE? What was that all about?

So, maybe Beto is a sign of the times. Maybe there’s a little transparency going on here. Whatever it is, the people will speak in November. Then, of course, the losers will say the Russians did it. One inspiring point is that Hillary’s not even running for dog catcher this time. That booger’s what done it. Cruising for a bruising!


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