All Womens Is Bi-Polar!

See that dog? That DOG is Bi-polar!


All Womens Is Bi-polar. Write that down. There’ll be a quiz later. Hey! I’ve got a really, really good idea. Let’s today put all the Po Po on a twelve step program. For the next twenty-four hours don’t shoot any black people. The event in Dallas where the off duty lady cop shot a black guy in his apartment, thinking it was HER apartment brings this problem to the forefront. And, I have a solution and answer to these kinds of events.

I usually let an event such as this age a little bit because things aren’t always as they seem. As facts filter in the entire story can shift on you, and if you have nailed yourself to a rock hard idea you end up looking stupid. But, this IS stupid. Let’s look at what we seem to know. Lady cop comes home. Gets off on the wrong floor. Now, with all the floor-plans on each level being similar it’s understandable that one can get off on the wrong floor. All that’s very fine unless you have placed a red doormat in front of YOUR door, and the door you are pushing open has no such mat.

So you gain entrance. Some witnesses hear her knocking and yelling “Let me in!” She claimed the door was ajar. Now! You’re a woman. You don’t see that your furniture is not there? Oh, it’s ”pitch black!” Then how did you see a black man in the dark? Why not turn on the light? First thing I’d do. This is where that good ol’ police training kicks in. ”SHOW ME YOUR HANDS!” POWITY, POWITY, POW, POW POW, and of course the ”Shots fired, ” over that thing on her shoulder.

This is not the first time a lady Po Po has lost her poo poo and shot the hell out of a black man for displaying his face. But, it always seems to happen more often than not down here in tornado alley. Must be something in the water. Alex Jones blames everything from climate change to gay frogs on water. Might be something there but I have another theory.

One of my expert consultants is an old black man who comes by now and again to swap lies and drink beer. Davis is a philosopher. He expounds his take on just about anything. One day, while drinking beer, and eating KFC with me (That racist enough for ya?) as we were feeding the bones to my little dog, Cleo, he brought up his ideas on women. Before I go on I know we weren’t supposed to be feeding chicken bones to the dog, but she lived through it, ok?

Anyway he told me, ”All womens is bi-polar. See that dog right there? That DOG is bi-polar!” Sigmund Freud, take a number! I think when it all comes down and down, Davis has cracked the case. Of course the police will put layer upon layer on this mess, trying to explain away just WHY the Girl stumbled into the wrong apartment and blew away the resident therein, but the practice of putting PMS and gunpowder together is proving again and again to be a bad mix IF it’s a cop. On the other hand licensed civilian women seem to do alright. Yep! Gotta be the water. Twelve step program for sure.


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