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TariffsFrom the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas: Tariffs

So everyone is bitching about these so called Tariffs. First of all, do any one of you out there, whining and bitching, actually know what a tariff is? it’s a tax on imports, and those taxes while they go back to the consumer are actually a good thing and here’s why. Please follow along and think.

Right now we apply almost no tariffs for China when we import their goods to America, however China applies very high tariffs to anything we export to China. Now China does that to insure our goods cost more than theirs, which keeps the Chinese buying domestic products. Good for China, bad for us.

Now because we charge China very low import taxes. They not only have their people buying domestically, but they now have Americans buying the cheaper made Chinese products as well. All you have to do is go into any store U.S.A. and pick up a shirt, a knife, tools, and look at them real close. You will see “Made in China.” That’s what destroyed our manufacturing jobs. Our companies went to China, made the product cheaper, and because of the extremely low tariffs we apply to China, imported those products back to us. So we lost all of our manufacturing jobs. All of this brought to you by the original NAFTA deal. The Unfair to America deal.

Oh there were kick backs, politicians got rich on the deal, but the American people suffered. Now if we apply the same tariff rates to China, that China imposes on us, Chinese goods would go up, so people would start buying American again, and those lost manufacturing jobs would come back putting more and more Americans back to work. Now do you understand the program?

Ah, but what the hell, I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas, What do I know about such things?

Of course we wouldn’t be in this position if we had of used our heads, When we said, “Buy American,” we meant it, but many of you got sucked into those low prices and couldn’t resist because of the money you were saving. Look at us NOW! Here we Are…Trump renegotiating a deal to even things out. MAGA


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