Left, Right, or Straight Ahead

Get out of your cans

Left Right

Left RightRing the bell. School’s In. Republican, Democrat, Left, Right, Conservative, and Liberal. For years we’ve been put in different categories, cans of beans if you will. The logic being that we are incapable of making decisions, choices, or logically working through issues without the sound bites of the main stream media, or politicians.

The theory is if you are a Republican you simply must be right wing and it only follows you are a conservative. Democrats labor under the left side of the playing field. If you’re a Democrat you have to be a leftist and liberal. Very liberal. Dead baby in every pot liberal.

Are the politicians that stupid, or are we that stupid for buying that nonsense? Liberal Democrat for instance. Smokes pot, wants open borders, be whatever gender you want to be. Believes a woman’s body is her body, and she has a right to do with it whatever she wants UNTIL it’s HIS grand baby about to be aborted, and then he ain’t so liberal anymore.

There’s an isle running down the middle of the the congressional chamber. Theoretically all on one side are liberal Democrats, and all on the other are conservative Republicans. It is accepted that all these folks vote into blocks no matter what’s on the floor. It is further assumed that whomever has the most votes wins all. This is what the midterm is all about. Control. The assumption that both parties vote along party lines in every bill.

This means that the people running the government have the mentality of a street gang. All the red rags vote this way, and all the blue rags vote the other no matter WHAT the issue is. If the Democrats want Obamacare the Republicans want to give lethal injection to cancer patients. If the Republicans want a Supreme Court Justice the Democrats wanna put a sign in his yard as a sexual predator. End game? Nothing gets done! It’s called a pissing contest, folks.

While there are principles within each party a little common sense is needed here. The old school idea of political party is dead, but we’re still propping up the corpses in a vain effort to NOT THINK! We follow the party line which is proceeded by hook, and followed by sinker which we all fall for. I’ll bet that if the Congress voted on ice cream the vote would run right along party lines between vanilla and butter pecan, except the black caucus who’d always vote for chocolate! What to do? Did someone say, “Tea Party?”

This extends to the hearings on the Supreme Court seat. All that while the committee was trying to figure out how the nominee would vote giving a situation. Not once did he say it’s impossible to commit to that because he won’t know how he’d vote until he sees the case! Judge Roy Bean could’ve answered that question.

Get out of your cans. Stop being beaners. Be AmeriCANS! Prove to the pollsters that we can’t be categorized. Show them that we listen, and vote accordingly. Show them that when the vote is in it’s over and Russia didn’t do it. Stop being lemmings. Don’t let anyone tell you just because you’re a Democrat you must champion abortion or if you’re a Republican you must build a wall. Hey, I have a hot idea! Let’s build America! Let’s try listening for a change, and vote how we believe, not how we’re told!


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