All Pretty Maids In A Row

. . . and the whores aren’t ladies!

Pretty Maids In A Row

Pretty Maids In A Row

All Pretty Maids in a row. Looked behind a tree, what did I see, Democrat whores looking right at me! You didn’t think they were gonna give up did you? You can’t fix stupid. Any political party that will scrape a high school beer party for scandal knows no bounds. Two more bimbos leaped out of the shadows with the good old, “He touched me there” scenario. Trouble is, the nominee ain’t touched nobody yet. Shucks! At this rate we’d be lucky if he ever touched his WIFE!

Seems funny that a political party that endorses mass murder of babies, sodomy, the destruction of veterans to support invading armies of multi-nationals, and have fat women wearing vagina hats would get all pent up about the shenanigans at a high school beer bust thirty-six years ago. Don’t you wanna know why? Well, Ima gonna tell ya.

First, and foremost they just gotta keep killing them there babies. Planned Parenthood is big business. Especially since black folk are the main customers. Eugenics! Gotta keep the population under control. How was it Margaret Sanger put it? Oh yeah. Human weeds. Is that racist enough for you. George WALLACE wasn’t that racist! I think Adolph was though. Just gotta know who you’re dealing with.

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery

Next. Do you realize that we recently had a case go to the highest court in the in the land to decide if a gay couple can eat a cake? You can’t make this stuff up folks. Cases involving executions routinely turned away while the cake gets top billing. “And what do you want for your last meal?” “I want a slice of that ‘GD’ cake that bumped me off the docket yesterday,”

With the assertion of Judge Kavanaugh to the bench, the Supreme Court will return to sanity for at least twenty years. That, in and of itself will make America Great Again. They can impeach Trump the next day, and he STILL will have fulfilled his promise, and made his mark. And YES, President Trump has touched a woman. Lots of ‘em!

The Liberal game plan has been to neutralize America. First order of business is to feminize men. Now, I’m all for respect for women. Open doors, hold chairs, say, “Yes ma’am,” all that stuff. If you meet a woman who doesn’t appreciate those remnants of the Anabellem Culture don’t ever talk to her again. And for GOD’S sake don’t have any children with her.

The return to normality is hateful to Democratic ears. Our pubic schools (and that’s NOT a typo) are harbors for drugs, illicit sex, and socialist thought. You think the Millennials are bad? Just wait until the “Z” Generation takes the reins. And the Liberal Democrats did this.

President Trump is a real estate broker who thinks in dollars and cents and linear feet. The liberal mind can’t fathom that. They’re too busy trying to sort fifty-two genders, and all the pretty maids in a row. They’re worried and cakes, plastic straws, and the failed campaign of the lesbian they ran for president. They’re too worked up trying to redesign the English language with so many forbidden words that we’ll be lucky to get the word, “Ug!” past the PC police. That is IF english is even allowed. It’s the “white” language, don’t you know?

THAT’S what the specter of Judge Kavanaugh holds for the Democrats. The return to sanity. The end of public schools that teach socialism in a climate of sex, drugs, and NO rock and roll. The future pretty maids will be our six year old girls as they redefine pedophilia as “minor attracted!” A world where Dr. King’s dream will not be realized. The imprint of the racial lines imposed by eight years of separatism. So, they can trot out all their pretty maids in a row, but they won’t change one damn thing!

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