The Rise and Fall Of Bill Cosby

America’s Dad faces America’s justice


I told her she was prettier

Than Paris in the rain

Lord I filled her full of gypsy lies

Swearing I’d be coming back

To fetch her in the spring

Too ashamed to look her in the eyes

David Allan Coe


If a sixty-seven year old man were sent to prison for drugging and raping a woman no one would have a second thought. If a ninety-nine year old nazi were sentenced to life, or executed for his involvement in the holocaust there would be little uproar except why did it take so long. Bill Cosby is no different in his assault on Andrea Constand!

Cosby has reached the ripe old age of eighty-one years after a phenomenally successful career with all the rewards accorded. If a man gains the whole world, but loses his own soul . . . Surely “America’s dad” could have found legal, if not moral sexual release with all that money and fame.

Cosby’s lawyers relied on his advanced age to elicit sympathy from Judge Steven O’Neill. In a very direct statement, O’Neill said, “Mr. Cosby, this has all circled back to you. The day has come, the time has come.” And with that “America’s dad” was led out in handcuffs to begin a three to ten year sentence in America’s justice system.

Of course, his high dollar lawyers filed an appeal, but in addition to a twenty-five thousand dollar fine, an amount he probably spent on dinner back in his heyday, or a supply of drugs for his “dates,” he is also to be registered as a sexually violent predator, ever how violent, or for that matter sexual the octogenarian can be. I’m sixty-seven, and frankly I’m not up to violently assaulting anything more challenging than a martini.

Cosby almost spit the hook on this because of the statute of limitations. He DID spit dozens of other hooks, but the women thus offended can take solace in his incarceration. Surely the amount of cases incapable of prosecution weighed on O’Neill’s mind, though legally he could not admit that.

Cosby will most likely not survive this virtual death sentence. Of course Andrew Wyatt, spokesperson for Cosby went off on the media, Judge, the prosecutors, and all the ships at sea saying the case was “the most racist and sexist trial in the history of the United States.” Ah! That trusty ol’ race card. When in doubt, whip it out, and apparently Cosby had whipped it out many times over decades. This is NOT the most racist trial in United States history. Cosby is not hanging from a tree!

The rich and well placed have had this mindset for years. Why do you think Harvey Weinstein raped all those girls, or Will Hayden raped his own twelve year old daughter? They were entitled! THAT’S racism. To think that you are somehow so powerful, so revered, so beyond the laws of mere mortals that women, even children are just pieces of animated meat put here for your amusement, like the paper bag that once had held the wine and then left like an empty bottle lying on the ground.

This is a far, far cry from a juvenile Kavanaugh carousing on a bed thirty-six years ago with some foolish girl. This was a man whom the women looked up to. A man who held their careers in his hand, and what did he do? Did he nourish that career? No! He crushed them. For all the things said about the whites in this country, he reminds me of the Navajo pronoun for the negro. Bill Cosby became the Black White Man!

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