Iran and the Brown Dirt Cowboy

We don’t need no stinking badges!

Iran Uber

Iran UberAmerica is increasingly isolated in the international community. So says the grand poo-bah in Iran. GOOD! We’re making America great again! Fact; America doesn’t need the world, the world needs us. Mexicans are sneaking INTO the United States, not the other way around. The homeless Vet is head and shoulders above the middle class Mexican. Oh, my bad. Mexico doesn’t have a middle class. The last revolution took care of that.

Obama’s globalist agenda painted America as a nation slipping into depravity that needed discipline by more civilized nations such as Iran. When the general assembly laughed at President Trump they didn’t realize that they have been a laughing stock for years. The United Nations is as useless as the tits on a boar hog. For the LBGTQ a word of explanation may be needed here. You see, when a mammal gives birth the female has breasts that provide milk for the offspring. The male has breasts also but produce nothing. Therefore they are basically useless. THAT’S the “UN” General Assembly. Side note, ask yourself how many of them were staying at Trump Tower with all the comps. Nothing like going to the potty without having to fend off the hyenas with a stick. But these Zulus can laugh at our President!

If Texas can be self sustaining America most certainly can! So the prices went up ten percent when the tariffs hit China. Think about how nice it would be to buy a T- shirt that doesn’t disintegrate after the third wash. Or imported calamari that isn’t pigs buttholes. Had any boneless wings at Sonic lately? News flash. Rats don’t have wings!

We’ve been Indoctrinated for so long about how bad America is that it has become accepted. Hitler said that if you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big one, and if you tell it long enough it’ll become accepted as truth. Well, the truth is that most of those so called “ambassadors” laughing at President Trump come from countries where the average citizen can’t find a glass of clean water. If you don’t believe that may I remind you of the National motto of Mexico. “Don’t drink the water!”

But let some rouge nation spill over the banks and start cooking Jews for dinner. Where do they run? You KNOW where they come. It’s amazing that a trend has developed saying that we didn’t kill Hitler quick enough, and that at least half of the dead from the concentration camps lay at the foot of the Statue of Liberty. And it don’t stop there. Now the world watches to see what we’re going to do about Venezuela. Seems their little socialist utopia blew up and now they’re down there eating each other. What are WE gonna do. You have a whole continent full of counties with lots of Pesos! YOU send them a taco Paco. We’ll be up here drinking a beer.

So, the nation that stones pretty teenage girls for having a cute butt thinks we’re isolated. And the UN treated President Trump’s speech like a monologue on the Tonight Show. Whores get the spotlight before a Senate Committee. Good enough, but know what? For all the laughter, let us pull out of the UN and let them fight off their hero in Iran by themselves. Aloha Salad Bar! If they’d have laughed at President Eisenhower America would have foreclosed on the building and put them all on a slow boat to China. WITH a tariff on the ticket.

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