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From the Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas – Blasé

High points from Christine Blasé Ford. She testified she and her friend were alone when she was attacked, but she manages to slip away and go home. TOMB RAIDER! So she left her friend alone with three drunk older guys? Didn’t find a neighbor to save her friend, or call police? Hmmm.

Her friend says she’s never met Kavanaugh. Ford ACTS like a child! Literally. Her voice? Like a Child! She acts ignorant of the word “exculpatory” even though she has two Master Degrees and a PHD.

She can’t remember her address even though everyone in America knows the address, She prepared for the testimony but can’t remember the address? 7802 Renshaw Rd. Pasadena MD 21122, Before that it was RR2 Box 367 Pasadena, MD 21122. Seriously???

Fear of flying but she flies all over the world, yet It’s “Anxiety Provoking to get on an airplane, but she flies all over for her job and on vacation! Her likes are traveling but she’s scared to fly?

The Democrats aren’t asking questions, they spend three minutes congratulating her for being there and the next two minutes bashing the Republicans for not having an FBI investigation. Wait a minute, Judge Kavanuagh has had more FBI investigations than any other nominee in the history of nominees.

Then she doesn’t remember who drove her to the party, nor who drove her home. But she remembers she was there with a friend and is “one hundred percent” sure that it was Brett Kavanaugh who tried to touch her pootie poo! I’m just a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas, but I’m not that dumb!

Wanna see who’s behind this fertilizer? Hillary meets with Ford’s lawyer!

From the Butcher

I was entertained yesterday by the most ridiculous blond joke I’ve ever heard. If you ever doubted the Democratic Party has totally lost it here it is, I say here it is! This is second only to losing a rigged election.

First, I must say that BOTH parties fell over themselves praising this dumb bitch for finding her way to Washington in spite of her fear of flying. This is the PC culture we live in. Thank God she wasn’t black. Then it would have been a Democratic grand slam.

If everything Ford said was true then this was the most watered down sexual assault in history. Wrestling with her on a bed “trying” to get her clothes off? Oh, and she had her one piece bathing suit on under that. Where were we going here?

This woman has a PHD, and is a teacher. But, it’s in California, so that makes sense. Come to think of it that DOES make the dots connect. Do I smell marijuana in the room? Let’s add this up. Drunk dumb blonde at a frat party with a bunch of high school boys. If they didn’t hit it they’re better men than I.

Now, before you light your torches, grab your pitchforks and book a flight to Austin, I’d like to say that in my high school years I wound up out at the lake swimming with a lot of girls. They weren’t wearing ANY bathing suits, yet I can’t remember any girl getting “assaulted.” Maybe I had a blackout. That seemed to be in fashion yesterday as the Democratic senators all suddenly became clinical psychologists and drug councilors. I was particularly amused by the one who cited her qualifications. Her parents were a couple drunks. Hey, so was my dad. I think I’ll hang out my shingle. Anyway, it’s FUN to swim naked at night with girls. They like it too, but then we were just a bunch of dumb ass Texas kids.

The Democrats are so afraid that the Supreme Court is going to swing to the right for the next quarter century that Dianne Feinstein flew in on her broomstick from HER pot party to try to ambush Kavanuagh’s confirmation. And when confronted with the question of who leaked the now famous letter her answer was the good ol’ East L.A. “I wasn’t wid dem brothas!” This old “reptile bait” first said that she hadn’t discussed this possibility with her staff, but then turned around and asked some other bubble head sitting behind her about it, and then announced that they weren’t wid dem brothas either. Y’all think I’m course? You think that line of reasoning is a bit odd? Hey! At least I’m not a senator. I’m just a drunken guitar player from Austin.

Now let’s look at demographics. You don’t even  need name cards to tell which party the participants were with. Honesty, and bi-partisan do not appear in the Washington DC dictionary. The only thing the two factions agreed on was Blasé’s success at negotiating her way through the TSA check point, and finding her seat on the plane. My granddaughter, Puck can do that. I suppose soon she’ll say the TSA sexually assaulted her. Get in line behind the rest of us, baby. We’ve all been THERE! Other than that the lines were drawn right down the middle. With the Democrats screaming, “FBI,” and the Republicans stroking the nominee, it’s no wonder nothing ever gets done in DC. And you’re PAYING these people folks. They run the country. No wonder Putin thought he could bring down America with a few funny memes on Facebook. You don’t have to influence our elections. Hell! Look what we’re electing. In the words of the Disney song, just “Let It Go.”

Kavanaugh credible!

Posted by Dennis Michael Lynch on Thursday, September 27, 2018

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