Little Red Caps

From Little Pink Houses to Little Red Baseball Caps



Little Red CapsRed Baseball Caps. This nation has been divided into tribes, and Red Baseball caps. As a Republican I’m supposed to believe Democrats want a dead fetus in every pot, and Democrats are expected to believe that I want to catapult someone’s eighty year old grandmother back over the border to Mexico. To coin a phrase America is fifty shades of grey.

My partner, Brother Theo, is a Liberal Democrat. If he could he’d close every abortion clinic in the country. I have worked with many undocumented aliens and wouldn’t call ICE for love or money. Oh, and I’m expected to wear a Red Baseball Cap to church. I don’t wear baseball caps. That’s why my son is bald, and I am not.

What muddies the water is ignorance. I have someone who calls me constantly. This person has actually asked me why President Trump doesn’t fire Nancy Pelosi! Comments like that disturb me more than anything you’ve said today. We must educate everyone on what makes America AMERICA! People elected to office are expected to support the views of their constituents. Walking out of a committee before the roll call is not dancing with the ones who brung you. That’s a childish temper fit.

If a candidate wins an election, or a nominee gets confirmed is beyond our control. We, as individuals, bring our opinions to the polls. If we win then hooray for our side. If we lose then work harder next time. The Russians didn’t do it, George Soros didn’t do it, and the KKK didn’t do it. The votes did it. If you can’t accept that then go back to education. We live in a republic, not a democracy.

There was an election, I believe in Alabama. I had people hitting me about pushing the Republican. They didn’t even notice the Democrat was more conservative. We have gone past judging the content of character and retreated to tribes, and Little Red Caps. We stopped reading the issues and instead concentrated on little “rs” and “ds.” That fits the mentality of the times, I guess.

This tribal mentality has got to stop! I agree with my Facebook friend, Kent Franks MOST of the time. He has pictures of my granddaughter on his Facebook page. He also has an opinion, and I think him referring to me as a Tang Drinker is hilarious. He is from New Jersey and I am a Texan. We have different views!

When you are selected for MasterChief in the Navy you are put through a rigorous testing. Everyone makes “100” on the test. Sometimes it comes down to penmanship. So, yes, if Kavanaugh fooled around with this girl, and it can be proven by credible witnesses and evidence he just failed the test, but we have to prove it under rule of law and not rule of innuendo!

Do you know what’s going to happen should Kavanaugh be rejected by the Senate? Someone else will be nominated because we simply must have a nine position Supreme Court or else we’ll just have a hung jury.

Trump was elected because there WAS an Illuminati running America. It was called the Clinton/Bush Dynasty and it cast its shadow over President Obama’s administration. What ever happens, RE-election, impeachment or twenty-fifth amendment, the election of 2016 certainly throw a stick in the bicycle spokes of that dynasty, and in November, 2016 it did indeed die nasty. In fact, Hillary’s body is still twitching. We ALL need to work to Make America Great Again and stop worrying about red baseball caps.The Butcher Shop

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