The Rape Of The Sabine Women

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The Rape Of The Sabine Women
Luca Giordano (1632-1705), Sabinerindernes rov, 1647-1705

The Rape Of The Sabine Women

Take a close look at the feature picture, the Rape Of The Sabine Women. Are you offended? Save your fork. It gets better. I’d like to begin by saying that I don’t have a thin skin. I’ve been writing about politics virtually all of my life, and especially the last eight years. Doc Greene drafted me from my back porch and I began to do pieces for his show on Raging Elephants which he still feeds from American Voice Radio, and where I do a weekly segment. I’m well versed in trapping people in their own words, angering them into stupid pronouncements, and supporting any position, if I agree with it or not. Welcome to the world do op/ed journalism. Pleased to meet you. Won’t you guess my name.

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Even though I usually show mercy on “civilians,” over the weekend, with a sufficient supply of libations, I had intense discussions with several people about the current confirmation process going on in Washington. They were nicely opinionated. I mean, they had CNN to back them up. Now, I always approach such things lightly. I input some humor to disarm the opponent, try to keep the language reasonably clean so as to stay out of Facebook Jail, and pull out when the conversation gets redundant or too abusive. Pulling out is not very manly, I know, but after what I do them on line during a debate I would not want to leave any Cyber DNA behind. But this weekend I hung in there, however, after all the threats, and I learned some things. What I learned was that most Americans don’t have any sense. Statements like that are going to rub some people the wrong way, but they need to be rubbed if our Republic is going to survive. We need to not base our conclusions on CNN, MSNBC, and yes, the Holy Grail of the conservatives, the much venerated Fox News Network. The American public is at present, no different than the Nazi rallies, all saluting and shouting mantras fed to them by the party, ever which party that may be.

Last night I penned an article for the Trib, which topped the front page this morning, and went into distribution. In “Two Drunk Girls Walked Into A Party” as usual, I mixed in humor, but also a lot of good, Texas common sense that I learned from MY grandmother. My grandfather was a Mississippi Riverboat gambler. My Uncles were pretty fair hold up men, small stores mainly, and two of them joined the army to avoid prosecution. Man’s gotta do something for a living. All these people knew the cold, hard facts of life and one of those facts was that if you are a teenage girl, and you show up at a beer bust full of teenage boys after dark, and subsequently get stupid enough to drink with them then you will most likely not be involved in reciting the Rosary. Though, in the words of the prophet John Fogarty, Jody might get religion all night long. Now, I’m sorry to be the first one to tell you young virgins that, but having been in many such prayer sessions, myself, I can attest that a form of communion is pretty much in the air at such events.

The members of the committee all know this. Even Dianne Feinstein, though her recollection may be a bit more remote than others. Those hypocrites sitting up there, peering over their glasses sacramoniously, acting like this is the crime of the century need to take that two by four out of their eye before they try to remove a thirty-six year old speck from anyone else’s! They take the moral high ground, of which there is none in Washington DC, it’s a swamp, and expound upon virtues that have been long gone since Booth blew Lincoln’s brains out , if they were ever really there at all. The virtues, not Lincoln’s brains.The #METOO movement is all very fine, and gets good mileage, but in the long run compared to the NFL nobody cares, baby. These are simple truths YOUR grandmother should have taught YOU.

That just made you mad, didn’t it? It’s easier to get mad, and quote sound bites you heard from Bill Mahr than to listen, and reason things out. I just attacked the Holy of Holies. Thousands of abused women and girls crying for justice. Well, let me clue you in. Even truckers out there who have picked up tons of teenage runaways at truck stops will stiffen in righteous indignation as long as their wives are looking at them. Little different down at the Flying J at three AM. Not that truckers are bad. They are human! On the road, alone, for days at a time, pick up a hitchhiker who takes a few sips out of a bottle, and crawls back in the bunk for the night. Next day you slip her a twenty dollar bill at the next truck stop and you part friends. He won’t change her, and she won’t change him. And the Judicial Committee won’t change human nature. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the real world of boys and girls. I still remember, at thirteen years old, slipping under a slide at the playground and kissing Pam Dent. It was only a smack, but I knew that if I could figure this out everything else was gonna be alright!

Judge Kavanaugh did not tie Ms Ford to a bed, buck naked, and sodomize her. We all know that. She admits she was drunk. That’s no huge sin. She was a kid. But so was Kavanaugh. She put herself into that situation. No one grabbed her off the street, shoved her into a van, and took her to a remote barn. No matter what occurred, when she decided to leave she just left. Three or four boys there, and at least one other girl, and no one stopped her. Her friend didn’t see fit to leave with her. If the so called attack had been soooo brutal, why didn’t “friend” chastise Kavanaugh or anybody else, but instead remained at the party. In my opinion Christine Ford was what is known as a “wall flower.” And that’s cool. Wall Flowers end up pushing their glasses back up their noses and giving speeches at graduation. Good little girls go to heaven. Bad little girls get to go everywhere else.

Sexual relations really are “Fifty Shades of Grey.” And fifty shades of black, white, pink, yellow, red, or any other color a man can talk into a bed. If that were not true then that book would not be a best seller. To inhibit sexuality unreasonably is like a dam holding back water. If you let a little water out occasionally then things go according to plan, but if you stop it up eventually it WILL get out with disastrous consequences. By the way, eighty percent of our dams are on that junction in the country right now.

Back in the Middle Ages some Pope came up with the cockamamie idea that priests should not be married, and remain celibate. That worked for up to about a week, and then they started screwing little girls, little boys, and just about anything else that couldn’t walk, run, or fly away, BUT they didn’t get married. Praise the Lawd!

Men and boys, and yes, women and girls react to social stimulus. The drive to procreate is second only to hunger. If you want to take a moral high ground form #NOTME and put controls on the huge porn industry bleeding out of Hollywood that puts thoughts in young peoples’ heads they’d never have learned down on the farm or even at home in a flat in New York City. No less than Ted Bundy, just hours before his execution, laid his victim’s bodies squarely at the feet of the porn industry.

This is human nature, and human nature is not far removed from monkey nature. Religion, law, and morals will only take us so far. This having been said a moral atmosphere in that party that night prevailed. Did the kids drink? Yes they did. Was there most likely some touching going on? Most likely. Was anyone beaten, raped, or killed? You know the answer.

So, why do otherwise civilized people communicating on social media reduce themselves to the level of monkeys when discussing these things? You must remember that you, and I do NOT know all the facts. You know what your flavor of news service TELLS you to know, and I know what my supporters tell me. The barometer is Grandmother’s common sense. Stating groundless “facts” will not sway anyone’s opinion. Calling Judge Kavanuagh a pervert does not necessarily make it so. Calling Ms Ford a victim does not canonize her. Verily, verily, I say unto thee, both of these people were human that night so long ago and remain so until this day!

Solutions and social progress are achieved by civil discourse among persons with differing opinions. The framers of the constitution most likely couldn’t agree on lunch, but they penned a document so strong it endures to this day. When it was all done they all supported President Washington, even if they disagreed with him on certain policies. And yes, those guys had most likely been to parties with young girls. Let us reason together. It will make none of us any difference if Brett Kavanuagh is seated on the Supreme Court. I dare say that none of you will closely follow his career, or even understand his opinions. What matters is that we come through as reasonable human beings, conscious of our human frailties and more than that, our human virtues. We must end this tribalism imposed upon us by huge entertainment entities dedicated to their enrichment, and our detriment. Extend the olive branch of understanding or consign America to the rubbish heap of history. Don’t you realize that we are not yet three hundred years old. It took Rome that long just to fall. If we fall now, in a thousand years we won’t be a footnote in a child’s history book, and if we are it will be a funny one at that. We have all sinned. We have all fallen short of the glory.

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