The Grim Reapers of Politics


What does the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh mean? The end of the gravelings. I’ll explain. As this debate raged on I was binging on TubiTv. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. You thought I was glued to the news services, hanging onto every word that ejaculated from the Democrat’s mouths. Nope! I was watching “Dead Like Me,”and sucking on a beer, or two, or twelve. I found myself fantasizing about Ellen Muth. I imagined meeting her at a party, and after maaaany beers, got her into a side room and . . . well, you know.

Then I had an epiphany. I’m allowed to have those. I’m a fallen Catholic. In the series Ellen is a Grim Reaper. She, and others are assigned to jerk souls out of the soon to be departed before a nasty little group, known as “gravelings” throws a piano on them, or worse.

Now Ellen is cute. The crew she works with is fairly normal, except for Mason. He’s like my son, Timmy. But gravelings! Those nasty little bastards are like a kindergarten class on meth. In one of the final episodes Ellen even kills one. She touched him and he turned into cigar ash, or reasonable facsimile thereof. I can totally understand that because she could burn me down anytime, but I digress.

  • Dead Like Me

Now, over three days of TV dinners and beer I was drawn to into this series, searching for the meaning of the universe. You don’t have to be crazy to do that, but it sure helps. Anyway, last night it hit me. Right about the time the news announced that Kavanaugh would probably make it, and I saw this Democrat foaming at the mouth, spitting as he cursed God, America, and mom’s apple pie it hit me! The Democrats are GRAVELINGS!

You cannot look at Dianne Feinstein and not believe that. Sitting up there with that pissed off look on her face as if she’s still upset because a house fell on her sister. Becoming confused, or moreover, CAUGHT in a lie, turning to confer with some bull dyke on her staff who told her that SOMEone on said staff most certainly DID out Doctor Ford on her orders to anyone in the press who had a deadline. She seemed to have forgotten that. Dementia does that, you know. And rambling on for days without one cohesive thought. Feinstein is a graveling!

In the end about the only thing the Democrats on the committee could say was that Kavanaugh wouldn’t make a good judge because after they called him a gang raping pervert for hours he eloquently called them a bunch of assholes. That’s kinda like the last guy standing at the Alamo calling Santa Anna a pepperbelly.

So, what does this upcoming confirmation mean? The re-introduction of God into America and the stock in Claim Jumper Apple Pie going through the roof! The Democrats were trying to preserve the body count down at the old abortion chop shop but Kavanaugh, and his merry majority will soon put that to rest. Wetbacks were preparing to move from the hills around the “five” to the best condos in Murrieta, and laws were going into effect to give free dolls to brides that were to be marrying old men MY age. Well, it’s all over now, and it sure is Monday. You will see California come unhinged and drift out into the ocean. Aloha Salad Bar! You will see ALL the Mexicans learning English, and starting lawn services. And you will see Feinstein turn into cigar ash because President Trump certainly touched her!

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