Did You Think They Were Going To Stop?

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StopDid you think they were going to stop? After Judge Kavanaugh became Justice Kavanaugh last week conservatives took a breath and prepared for the midterms. The Democrats had scraped the bottom of the barrel and come up with brine. Then yesterday a flurry of activity from the left burst out like a savage rabbit. Ethical questions arose on the new member of the Supreme Court, Pelosi found her mouth again, and Stormy Daniels took to her pole with renewed vengeance.

Did you think they were going to stop. Folks, in the words of the prophet, Ron White, you can’t fix stupid. The Democratic Party has one platform. Get rid of the legally elected President and ruin America. The party had degenerated to a mob during the confirmation hearings, but are you surprised? In the topsy-turvy world we live in Kim Jong Un makes more sense than the Democrats.

These are the people who ran the concubine of a serial rapist for president back in ’16. And by the way, Bill didn’t pay ANY girl he consorted with, though he did give Monica a pizza. The reminder last week alluding to women in trailer parks begs to ask what Bill Clinton was doing in that trailer park in the FIRST place. And in the final analysis it was shown that most Americans wouldn’t follow his wife into a whorehouse, ladies excluded from that analogy of course. Did you think a little thing like total defeat would make people like that stop?

Be on your guard. Do not treat the midterms as a minor vote. Right now, as I type, Democrats are loading illegals into busses, rigging polls, and signing up as many tombstones as they can in a last ditch effort to pull that jackass party of theirs out of the swamp and try to take back the house.

Even Fox News is citing polls claiming Republican conservatives are trailing behind. I must remind you that these same polls showed Hillary to be a shoe-in the night before the election, and twenty-four hours later she was trying to get a refund on her celebratory fireworks to buy more whiskey! It’s called the “Silent Majority” folks. Those guys and gals at that pub in our Butcher Shop logo!

Polls serve one purpose. Ask yourself, what to polls really do. If they had validity why do we even bother to vote? If you are led to believe that your candidate is a winner, or for that matter, a loser, what good would your puny little vote have to do with anything? That’s what they want you to think! They want you to feel like an insignificant cog in a huge party wheel. Time and time again polls have been shown to be the farce that they really are. Did someone say, “Dewey Wins?” Why even publish a poll unless you’re trying to influence a vote. It’s human nature. Everybody wants to get next to a happening guy. There is a huge contingent in this country who do not understand a thing about politics (Democrats) but will consistently vote for who they are told is the winner. With no more consideration than that which they use to purchase a gossip paper at a supermarket checkout.

Did you think they were going to stop? People like that don’t stop. They’ve been playing this game for years. These are the same people who gave you the long legged Mac Daddy for eight years, and tried to follow him up with Calamity Jane. WE stopped THEM in 2016 and they’ve been eating grass ever since. Seriously! Vote! Your vote DOES count. THEY are counting on your complacency. They want the restoration of the old order. They hate our President because he’s the wrong color. Is that racist enough for you? Well, he’s the right color. The color of all hard working Americans. A new crayon in the box. It’s called MAGA!

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