Deceptively Blue Skies

For Want Of a Glass Of Water

Blue Skies

Blue SkiesDeceptively blue skies sit above Mexico beach in Florida making its appearance live up to its name. As residents crawl out of the rubble there is no government help. No electricity, no food, not even water because like Mexico, you cannot drink the water. Fingers are already pointing. It makes you consider what the governmental response would have been had Michael had made landfall on Washington DC.

Let me ask you a question. Aside from camps to imprison patriots, or house illegal aliens, have you ever known FEMA to do anything? You’d think for 13.9 billion dollars they could have come up with some Ozarka water. The left screams to end ICE. Why don’t we end FEMA.

From Katrina to Michael the song remains the same. That same senate that was so interested in a high school beer party can’t even spell “FEMA” much less examine the money that pours into that pit. Of course, you understand that they’d all have to take their shoes off to count that high.

So where is help coming from. It’s coming from concerned citizens and churches. If you said the Red Cross you’d be wrong. The Red Cross sets up barriers to prevent “unauthorized” commodities from reaching those in need. This is where we, as Americans, need to come together. Michael had no politics. Only destruction.

As I wrote last week, I’ve seen what a hurricane can do. I’ve seen the body on the fence with crabs hanging off. I’ve smelled the smell of death. I’ve seen the endless flat terrain blending into the Gulf of Mexico. There wasn’t any FEMA in those days, only people. My dad repaired roofs no matter if the owner could pay or not. And he did it because SOMEONE had to.

Of course Donald Trump will be blamed. Guess he should have built a wall to keep the hurricane out. Hey! It worked for Galveston. The president didn’t invent FEMA. He inherited it. Funny how I haven’t heard a peep out of Hollywood. They HAVE water.

Americans will overcome, improvise and adapt. They always do. But this time don’t forget, or explain away FEMA. Defund it! Nobody’s gonna miss it except those wetbacks living at the country club. No more free tacos means fewer compadres. Y’all think I’m mean, huh? I’ve seen the deceptively blue skies.

I don’t want to alarm you but this won’t be the last hurricane. They always bring family. And each time they do Congress throws more money at “For Each Mexican Entitled,” known as FEMA. What could we buy for all that money? Health care? Better schools? Raises for the elderly scraping by on what’s jokingly called “Social Security?” Or maybe a bottle of water for a little girl on Mexico Beach staring at the deceptively blue skies!

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