Lemme Tell Ya ‘Bout Ahab the Arab Shiek Of The Burning Oil

Blood and oil a dripping off of their hands


Saudi Lemme Tell Ya ‘Bout Ahab!

The Kingdom of the HookNose tribe strikes again! Saudi Arabia has been rolling sevens ever since they knocked the Twin Towers down, and they show no inclination of letting up now. What does a country with a worse human rights record than Nero do as a follow up from 9/11? Why, beat an American journalist to death for calling them the HookNosed bastards that they are!

With Obama and George (Texaco) Bush in office business was good for Ahab.  Texas oil wells had rusting locks on them. OPEC called the shots, and EVERYBODY had a Mercedes and a couple dozen five year old wives. Oh, my bad. The King and family had all those things. The people of Saudi Arabia had the same ol’ camel crap they always had since Mohammed foreclosed on the Kabba. Interesting observation: English queens dress in purple robes, Ahab has queens who dress in tents, but I digress.

President Trump strives to make America great again. Part of that formula is to make America INDEPENDENT again. The very first proclamation coming from the American Congress was The Declaration of Independence. This flies in the face of the New Word Order which gives us Europe to support like a bastard child left on our doorstep, or their first cousins, the Ahab Family Of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has no military might. Wanna know why we fought the Gulf war? Because Saddam was about to have his way with all those guys in Saudi wearing dresses. Looking back we might have left well enough alone. What would have happened? Well, Saddam would’ve got rich, sold us as much oil as he could float over, and the biggest exporter of terrorism would be a footnote in the history books. Muslims would still be praying five times a day, Syria would not be in a civil war, Iran would be on notice BIG time, and ISIS would be some hottie ancient Egyptian goddess. There’s fifty cents worth of international politics straight from Austin.

The arrival of the Saudi “royal” family on the international scene was a little bit like Jed Clampett and family arriving in Beverly Hills. They’re refined royalty you say? DUDE! They just beat a reporter to death and cut his body up to take out with the trash! And the “King’s” official answer to the accusation? “I wasn’t wid dem brothas!” Ahab PLEASE!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, we should pull out, be done with, and leave alone anything east of the east coast of the United States. Mind our own business, pump our own oil, and put history and civics back in our public schools. Prayer would be nice too. We do good just getting along with other cultures on this continent. Forget everybody else. America for Americans, Texas for Texans, and all for the glory of God. OUR God. Become that city on a hill, a big hill, with Texas Rangers all over the bottom. MAGA!

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