NIce Dreams

Friends around the campfire and everybody’s high


Nice DreamsCanadians had Nice Dreams last night.

Canadians have always been laid back, but last night they became the first nation of credibility to legalize the herb superb, marijuana. Thus they will become the largest supplier to the United States, replacing Mexico. I find it interesting that the signing of the trade agreement with America will come after the national Canadian pot party.

The American theory of Nice Dreams being the gateway to harder drugs is so old that it has a beard. Beard, pot, but I digress. The law being a product of the early part of the 20th century, grass has held its own for close to a hundred years. The idea was that one puff would lead to wild sex parties where girls threw off their clothes, jumped into pools, and had crazy orgies with whomever. I wonder what the problem was?

Canadians in prison for illegal dreams will be able to apply for a pardon. “Dude! I’d like to leave now.” This May leave a lot of guards all dressed up and nowhere to go. Canada is a unique country. They have gun control with no national protest. I can’t recall any mass shootings up there, but then it’s too cold to draw much of a crowd for anything. The population hovers around the southern border. That would be like the US population clustered along the Gulf of Mexico. If Canada had ever had a civil war the south WOULD have won because that’s where everyone lives. Canada has no problem with global warming.

Canadians have always been basically nice people, and with the influx of Nice Dreams they won’t give a “sheeeit!” Did you ever wonder why they didn’t get involved in the American Revolution? It’s simple. It’s was so cold up there they NEEDED the tea! Texas has the Texas Rangers who went into Louisiana and shot Bonnie and Clyde. The Canadians have the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who will go to Miami to serve a parking ticket.

So now all these friendly laid back white folks are gathered around the campfire, and everybody’s high to quote John Denver. California is gonna have to up their game if they’re gonna beat this. But, you know, Canadians aren’t weird. They’re fairly conservative. I’ll have to check, but I don’t think they have any ghettos. Maybe Detroit, which they wisely positioned below the border. How does that grab you? Referring to America as “south of the border.” Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it?

Largely white population, little crime, stays out of everybody’s business, and now they’re firing up a joint. Nice Dreams for everyone. Back in the day it was mandatory for farmers in the young United States to grow a certain amount of hemp, the plant having several uses. Along about that time the phrase “American Dream” came into play. American Dream, Nice Dreams . . . Makes you put it all into perspective.

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