The Happening Guy

Right, Left, and the mighty ten percent


Everybody wants to get next to a “Happening Guy.” My manager in Nashville told me that over twenty-five years ago. The Happening GuyIt basically boils down to the herd instinct. When you see a head of gazelles, flock of birds, or a pack of wolves one is always in front, and for the rest the view never changes. So it is with politics.

When you go to the zoo and marvel or even laugh at the monkey cage do not forget that like the monkeys, we are primates, too. We just wear clothes . . . most of the time. Seems that our leaders spend a lot of their time trying to portray themselves as the more sophisticated monkey, the Happening Guy.

When Moses came down from the mount what were the most important commandments? Don’t give me that stuff about how they were all equal. Mainly, they involved not stealing, screwing your neighbor’s wife or eating your cousins. Kinda shows you what God thinks about us. And we had to be told that. We couldn’t figure it out for ourselves.

All politics is imagery. It’s always been that way, ain’t nothing new. Imagery projected to bring out emotions is very powerful. Take the Cruz/Beto contest for instance . Ted probably sleeps in a suit, while Beto wouldn’t be caught dead in one. Both contending for the Happening Guy crown on November 6th. Ted sets himself out as a conservative Republican who dresses respectfully, speaks well, and IS a senator at present. Beto displays the “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” persona. No tie, top button undone, and reaches out to the working man with issues most common folk cannot possibly understand. Oh, and he shift changes to a Mexican the closer to the Valley he gets which is a bit like a Japanese Elvis impersonator.

Beto made a lot of hay while Ted was shackled to that Kavanaugh mess, but the very second he could come home the polls flipped like a sixteen year old cheerleader at a homecoming game. His main commercial now is lamenting the plight of the poor school ma’arms who teach liberal sex techniques to third graders. He goes on about vouchers. Ted wants vouchers because most thinking Texans would rather NOT have a thoroughly indoctrinated gay communist growing up in their home. Answer? Home schooling! Home schooling withOUT having to explain to the CPS why you don’t like public schools. Ted is a Happening Guy!

Practically everything else that proceeds from Beto’s mouth is Democrat gobbity-goop. Ted just runs on his record. Still, you must factor in the Happening Guy effect. I’ve told you that most voters are conservative, be they Republican or Democrat i.e. they will conservatively vote the same way over and over again. Combine that with the power of incumbency and the scales tip decidedly toward whomever is in office at the present time. Score one for Ted.

HowEVER, there is a wild card, kinda like the Green Bastard on a Roulette table. I’ve told you in the past that most elections run pretty close. Two or three percentage points apart. A preacher figured this out over a hundred years ago and his theory put Al Capone in the liquor business. The
women’s suffrage movement had been struggling for decades to get prohibition passed. They raided saloons, petitioned congress and gave rallies to whomever was sober enough to listen. Working the entire voting populace, trying for that fifty-one percent that would sober up the other forty-nine. The preacher just concentrated on the undecideds. The measly ten percent, too stupid to make up their minds until they identified the Happening Guy. Unfortunately for them Capone turned out to be that guy.

The Democrats are going to turn out in force for this election. They are going to simply HAVE to take the House of Representatives if they ever hope to keep killing babies and selling body parts. I know Ted is in the senate, but you must understand that we cannot be complacent about this election. No part of it. If we are to Make America Great Again we simply cannot lose Congress to a bunch of flipped out hippies. That’s what Beto really is, and that’s NOT a Happening Guy! Oh, one more thing. Cruz for President. Write that down. There’s gonna be a quiz in 2024.

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