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To “B” or not to “Q”


Scrolling through Facebook, reading posts (God! I knew better) and I ran across this LBGT nonsense:


Wow! Where do I begin? I suppose definitions are in order. Back in the day we had male, female, straight, and queer. The queers objected to the “Q” word so it was updated to “gay.” This effectively put an end to the “Gay 90’s” and “Gay Paree,” but you win a few, you lose a few. Later we come upon the LBGT community, taking in Lesbians, Bisexuals, Gay, and a newly organized transsexual group. Last, but not least, the plain ol’ queers came BACK out of the closet and a dusted off “Q” was added to the end giving us the LBGTQ movement, supposedly encompassing all manner of sexual activity save normal sex between opposing parties with vastly different equipment. It is interesting to note there is no “D” in there for drag queen, but the day ain’t over yet.

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Now, I’m not going to use the word “deviant” here because one man’s meat is another man’s poison, but I will explore mindsets a bit. Years ago I had a friend who was briefly assigned to personnel in a large company in Austin. He was the usual cowboy type, so rare in Austin these days, but took on the responsibility of interviewing the applicants with an open mind. During lunch on day he opened that mind to me.

He told me that he would come across an applicant with very good scores on our tests, excellent work record, good communication skills, STATS, and even passed the drug test, also so rare for Austin. Most would come right into the company and begin to work their way to the top. Others, however, when my friend would extend his hand to welcome them, would shag back for a moment and tell him there was one thing he needed to know. They were gay!

He looked at me with that confused Texas look we get when you come across a statement that fits together about as well as someone asking you to pass the piano, please. “What if I,” he reasoned, “were to apply at a company, pass everything, and just before they hand me the employment agreement I say, ‘I feel it’s only fair to tell you . . . I like to screw women!”

I like the old style classic queers. Truman Capote, Liberace, my brother in law from my first ex-wife. We all knew they were a couple bubbles short of plumb, but it was just a mild amusement, all except in Lampasas, it sucked there. Got my ass kicked there for long hair, but I digress.

Now we have the LBGTQAAEWWSII. Lesbian Bisexual Gay Transexual Queer And Anything Else We Wanna Stick It in. Anything but a woman. Sodom and Gomorrah ain’t got nothing on these cats, and as in the Beatles classic, they DO it in the road . . . and before children in schools and public libraries.

I know, I know, someone will hit me with why do I claim their sexual orientation has anything to do with reading stories to kids? Reading stories is fine, but a drag queen reading stories dressed up like the bride of Frankenstein is an entirely different matter. Some kids are scared of clowns, for God’s sake. I was scared of Miss Hornbuckle, my eighth grade home room teacher. How to you think a kid’s gonna react to a man in a dress with horns sticking out of his head? Is that a subliminal? Horny perhaps?

Stupid is as stupid does. No matter what some psychologist may tell you, kids are predominantly gender neutral. I was eleven years old before I realized that Donald Duck didn’t wear pants. Now, I WAS sweet on Tinkerbelle, though I didn’t know why. But by and large what happened below someone’s waistline was none of my concern.

The underlying focus of this transcendentalism is an effort to gain children’s acceptance of all facets of the human condition therefore preparing them for future interactions with multiple levels of society. In light of that, might I make a suggestion. As Loretta Lynn sang, “Oh, let’s go all the way.” Why stop with sexual orientation? We have Klansmen, ANTIFA, Satanists, Westboro Baptist Church, and God knows a host of guys that really like little girls. Beastiality, now there’s a good one. The kiddos could fully understand what the big, bad wolf, being symbolic of the alpha male, was really after, and just why he was so intent on “blowing” the three “little” pigs. And if you think a drag queen would set ‘em back a little bit, if you could just imagine an Imperial Wizard standing up there holding a charred cross in full regalia singing The Killeen National Anthem! I mean, what’s wrong with anthems, or for that matter the Three Little Pigs? That’ll sure put those little buggers on the path to the dream of Lyndon Johnson and his Great Society.

Ok, let’s cut the crap! This kind of blatant sexuality to children is inappropriate. You need to keep your thoughts and desires between you and the one who has similar thoughts and desires FOR you, please make it an adult.

Just because you’re gay, or whatever, It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re automatically a pedophile, but with the #METOO movement out there trying to add letters to THEIR little acronym every day, anything is possible, and showing up for trial in a dress with horns sticking out of your head will sure put the drag in your little dog and pony show. Here come the judge and everybody gonna get NINETY days!

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