Viva Max!

Fence Jumping For Idiots


Viva Max was an old movie about a has-been Mexican general trying to secure his honor by taking back the Alamo. Until the assault by George (Pee Viva MaxPee) Bush that was about the biggest danger the Alamo had faced since 1836. Now Max has given his crown to a whole new herd of wetbacks. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning for every freebee they can lay their illiterate hands on.

So what’s the big deal about the so-called “caravan?” Well, to begin with there is always a caravan. This isn’t anything new. Wannabes have been jumping the fence since Pancho Villa was in diapers. Back in the Wild West days there wasn’t a big concern about migrants “migrating.” All the nortés up in Texas’ forty-nine bitches imagine the Rio Grande is a raging torrent a mile wide. Nope! Looks like a creek. When I crossed it in Laredo little Mexican boys were under the bridge on either bank (yes EITHER) with big funnels held up for the turistas to throw change into.

There was, and are three cultures on the Texas/Mexican border. Texas, Mexican, and Tex-Mex. Before the current hot button issue of illegal immigration came about migrant workers would routinely come across, pick oranges for a season, and take the money back to madre. Now, of course, with the introduction of the cartels, this laid back common sense lifestyle is a thing of the past. Although the familiarity of the three cultures still exists, things have changed. If you don’t believe that just let your little girl walk to the mall tonight in her shorts. You won’t do that, will you? Doesn’t matter if you’re in Laredo or Lincoln, Nebraska. Things have changed.

So, why the sudden interest in the events on the border that have always been there? Politics! The Democrats, pushing to take control of Congress have slated this as THE thing to watch. It’s called “misdirection.” Penn and Teller uses it all the time. Look here, don’t look there. It true matador fashion, they waved a red cape at Donald Trump, and like a raging bull, he charged. Those things sticking out of his back are called “banderillas.” During the 2016 campaign Trump ballyhooed about a wall. He doesn’t understand Mexicans, but he will after the first fourteen year old Mexican girl sprints over the top of that wall like she’s got good sense. Don’t hurt her, she’s being hired as a housekeeper.

So now the Democrats are scaring the BeJESUS out of all the white folks, and more than a few black ones too with stories about this band of wild-eyed bandidos screaming for the border. Well, if they make it, which isn’t written in stone, they’ll have to stand in line behind the wetbacks who are already there! Not to mention the cartels will probably kill a lot of them on the way and steal ALL the women. I think the age of consent in Mexico is right after the doctor slaps your ass.

So while the republicans are paying attention to the border the democrats are slowly gaining ground to flip the House, if not the Senate also. As Michael R. Shannon so artfully pointed out this morning in his article “Nov. 6th is the Day Conservatives Go On Strike” in the Tea Party Tribune, the so-called “Republican Majority” hasn’t really done a damn thing in two years but cuddle up to Head RINO in charge, Mitch the bitch McConnell! So stop worrying about the Dems taking over congress. They already have. They did it two years ago.

None of the news coming out of the caravan is accurate. The Main Stream Media is all over this story because it’s a hot button issue. It don’t mean a damn thing, but it’s hot, and for such as CNN, MSNBC, and The View, that’s all that matters. The ladies on the view, being well past their prime, had to find a hot button SOMEwhere.

Trump is learning politics. I hope he has learned enough not to play into democratic hands by sending the First CAV from Fort Hood to the border. Governor Abbot needs to take the clipboards away from the five hundred National Guard he sent to the border and give them guns . . . loaded ones. And allow such as C. J. Grisham, and others to mobilize the militia. This sort of sane, controlled response is all that is required to stabilize the situation. A situation that is roughly the same since Max took the Alamo, no matter how many “caravans” you hear the MSM going on about. Viva MAX!

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