BANG! You’re Dead!

Blowing the lid off politics


BANG! You’re dead! Nothing like a pipe bomb to clear the air. You may or may not have heard, and if you haven’t then you’re living under a big yellow rock, but SOMEbody has taken it upon themselves to take OUT the most obnoxious BANGmouths in the Democratic Party, and one Robert Dinero as a bonus. President Trump is condemning all of this, but of course he has to, and calling for calm. Calm! Calm? How do you stay calm with a bomb in the mail?

The democrats are all appalled. Getting the press secretary thrown out of a restaurant didn’t appall them. Calling openly for violence against people wearing MAGA hats didn’t appall them. Counting every beer the Supreme Court nominee ever had didn’t appall them. Killing the unborn by the millions and selling body parts didn’t bother them at all. But trying to off a flock of losers that nearly destroyed the entire country, now they’re appalled.

Right now, as I type, there are thousands of “refugees” racing for the Texas border “just because.” As an added attraction there are militias on said border waiting on them and believe they taste just like chicken, and folks like me sitting here with a bag of popcorn waiting for the show to start. The democrats did this! They got their politically correct, slightly black president, and he handed America its ass. Well, some ticked off constituent just tried to hand Obama HIS ass!

Eight years of the Obamanation has devided our country into two armed camps. Explosive political debates have evolved into real explosives. No one is civil anymore. No one is willing to go halfway on anything. All the elections, the very voice of the people, are suspect, and disrespect for the president is a mark of excellence for people who never took civics in high school. BANG! We’re dead.

Now, I’m gonna have to get all mealy mouthed for a moment and say publicly that I condemn violence, and yada, yada, yada, so the FBI doesn’t come a calling, but I ask a simple question. Democrats, with your radical rhetoric did you not see this coming? Each morning my Alexa reads me the news. I listen to it all. The reason I do this is so I can piece through the liberal left’s mind. It’s all hate. Not one bit of civil speech there. The president smiled at a rally. He ate a Big Mac. Then they put on that blonde with the big boobs, and she foams at the mouth for ten or fifteen minutes, proving that she didn’t take civics in high school either.

This is the brave new world the democrats have created. We now behave like a banana republic, and we can’t even grow bananas. I have followers who actually think that democrats are a race! I must admit, they do all look alike. I know it’s the democrats who are mailing all them there bombs. I mean, just look at it. Like everything else the dems do, the bombs don’t work. There’s been what, five, six? Not one has gone off yet. The Austin bomber had the entire state of Texas refusing FedEx packages, and then blew his DAMN self up. Now THAT was a bomber! The good news is that the blue wave is becoming a blue swirl. Even the democrats are getting tired of the democrats. Hey! Midterm is coming democrats. BANG! You’re dead!

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